Technology in the Classroom

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Wynn Habersham Elementary School Principal Donna Singley

If you walk by classrooms in Campbell County you will see a transfiguration of school as it was known from the previous generations. At one time the focal point in any classroom was the teacher, a chalkboard, and a piece of chalk.  We learned using this method and in America it has been the central theme for many, many years.  This new generation that is being called Generation Z knows little about the method used before their time. This generation is also known as the Net Generation and refers to individuals being born between the early 1990s and the late 2000s. This generation does not know what life is like without connections. They are connected in every way; Internet, social networks, texting, cell phones, and even gaming systems.  During their entire life technology has been rampantly available. So how does this affect the classroom?  

Students expect engagement! Technology has been readily available to the Net Generation at any time and any place that it has been desired during their lives. My three year old nephew explained to me last weekend how a particular video game worked on daily games. I was amazed!  He further told me which keys to press to move in a particular way.  After this conversation with him I thought about my students and how this knowledge that they possess during their entire lives must affect them in the classroom. As I walked down the halls at Wynn I see the colossal differences of the classroom today and that of a classroom during my childhood.

Every classroom at Wynn has five to six computers for students to exhibit the skills taught to them during the daily lesson. The chalkboards have been replaced with Promethean Boards. Students sit in amazement as teachers move about gracefully while using the Promethean Boards. There is no longer a need for long drawn out lectures. The teacher inserts games into the lesson which are played on the board during the whole group instruction. Power Point replaces outlines once used. Short videos are inserted to show content to the students at appropriate times.  These videos bring academic content to life for the students and surround sound of the speakers bring emotion about the subject to them. Text books are even available online so that students may view them on the Promethean Board. Classworks is used in order for the students to show mastery through assessment. Churning out graphs after plugging in many numbers is outdated because, of course, calculator software is available.  Students create graphs, equations, and even experiments on the graphing calculators.  The technology available is truly amazing. 

Classrooms in Campbell County are different today and these differences are for the better. Students in our county are being exposed daily to the latest technology available. Teachers have been trained to the point of excellence.  Our county is “Racing to the Top.”  We in Campbell County can be proud of the technological changes made in our schools in recent years. 

We are offering our students a step up in the right direction.