Terry sentenced for threats

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By Susan Sharp

On the same day his sister’s killer was sentenced, Paul Terry learned his fate for a charge he acquired as her murder case moved through the courts.

Terry was charged with multiple counts of retaliation against the judicial system and unlawful possession of a weapon with intent to go armed in late January. These charges came after Terry’s mental health therapist contacted law enforcement because of threats he had made.

During their therapy sessions, Terry said he was going to kill the sheriff, the presiding judge and the men accused of his sister’s death if the “murder trial did not go well,” according to court records. Two weeks before levying this threat, Terry allegedly told the same therapist he had bomb making knowledge; in fact, he knew how to assemble a bomb similar to the one used in the Okalahoma City bombings, the arrest warrant said.

When police questioned Terry he admitted to making the threats. Terry told police “everyone at the courthouse was corrupt,” and a new judicial system was needed, court records said. A search of Terry’s home revealed he had four different types of firearms including a Chinese AK-47 rifle that had been purchased during the course of his threats, police said.

 In his vehicle, police found that Terry had a loaded .22 caliber Beretta. It was noted in the arrest warrant that Terry lacked a handgun carry permit.

On Monday afternoon, Terry stood before Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton, agreeing he was guilty of one count of retaliation for past actions.

For this he was sentenced to 95 days in jail with credit given for time served.

Terry was also placed on three years supervised probation and ordered to pay court costs, his plea agreement said.

Along with this, the weapons confiscated at the time of his arrest were forfeited to the sheriff’s department.

A special condition of Terry’s probation is that he will continue in his counseling and take medications prescribed through the professional treating him.