Theft provides money for moving

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By Natasha LaFayette

A theft of over $1,000 in personal belongings resulted in the arrest of James Wallace Davenport last week when he was raising money for moving expenses.

 Davenport, 19, of Knoxville, was living with his stepfather prior to his arrest for theft of his stepfather’s belongings, according to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins

Davenport entered his stepfather’s house, while in the process of moving, and allegedly took over $1,000 worth of his belongings in early January,  said Detective Brandon Elkins,

Among the stolen items were a television, DVD and CD players, shotgun and antique lamp, said Elkins.

Davenport also took some of his own things from the house to give the impression another person had broken into the house, said Elkins.

Perkins said the stolen items were pawned and the money was used to move out of his stepfather’s house.

“We were able to return almost all of the belongings to the victim,” said Elkins.

Davenport was arrested without incident following an interview at the sheriff’s department on Feb. 6. He was charged with theft of property $1,000 to $9,999.

Davenport was released the same day as his arrest with a bond of $2,500.