There are no wrong turns down the road of life

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By JE Bolton

A popular ancient proverb says, “The man who lives only by hope will die with despair.”

Within the next few weeks to come, I’ll be celebrating another year. About twenty-nine-and-holding-years ago, I came into this world. Grant it, I had no idea the direction my life would take, but I’m grateful it all worked like it did, both the bad and good: the bad to make me stronger and the good to make me cherish every yesterday when today is gloomy.

However, I can’t help but ponder upon this one simple question. Do you remember the crossroads in your own life?

You know, that area where life’s road forks and you have to go down one of two paths. They’re only one-way streets, but you have to go down one. It might’ve been an occupation, relationship, or any number of things.

I’m sure many of us would wonder what life would’ve been like if the other road was traveled. If we did take that other road, would we have the blessings we have today?

Either way, I’m grateful for the roads I’ve traveled. I really wouldn’t want to redo the path and go down a new road. In fact, I know I wouldn’t want to travel away from anything that would affect my home, career, faith, and those I love. After all, these roads have made me who I am today.

Dear readers, I want you to think about your own undiscovered paths. I know some of you probably live with endless regret in regards to your own “road less traveled.” Some of you probably feel as though you’ve wasted your life either because of how others make you feel or how you’ve compared yourself to others.

The best advice I can give is in two words- stop it! Be happy with where you’re at in life. So what if you only have a few dollars in the bank or that you’re job’s not glamorous? The truth is that if it weren’t for those cracks and bumps in the asphalt, you would’ve never been able to find a way to enjoy the ride.

Do you curl up in the glove compartment when the ride gets too scary, or do you stick your head out the window and allow the wind to blow in your face while enjoying the scenery? I don’t know about you, but I’d take the second choice any day.

I may never win a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. I may never leave a million dollars to my nieces and nephews when I leave this world. However, the one thing I can leave them is not a legacy that says what I did with my life, but one that says I just lived it.