Third mental evaluation sought for man accused of murdering mom

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By Joseph P. King II

JACKSBORO—After the defense and the prosecution received conflicting results on mental evaluations of accused murderer James Marlow, a third opinion is being sought before the case can proceed through Campbell County Criminal Court.

Marlow, 43, is charged with the first-degree murder of his mother, Gloria Sue Marlow. In 2010, he allegedly broke into her home and beat her to death with a baseball bat.

A Campbell County Sheriff’s Office investigation found Marlow intentionally killed the victim with premeditation. He reportedly told authorities the bloodstains on his clothing and skin were from where he killed his mother, records show.

Marlow has yet to stand trail for the murder because the defense argues he is not mentally competent.

Throughout the past four years Marlow has undergone mental health evaluations to determine if he is competent enough to stand trial. The state’s mental health evaluator found Marlow to be competent and sane enough to stand trial, Assistant District Attorney Scarlett Ellis said. Another evaluator, supplied by the defense, found Marlow to be insane and not competent enough to stand trial, Assistant Public Defender Dale Potter said. Potter added he had one more mental health evaluator with whom he wants to consult.

Ellis anticipates if the case goes to trial that court proceedings could take as long as a week. Scheduling for the next hearing was not immediately set.