Time to quit playing the blame game

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By Susan Sharp

Some people just can’t catch a break- especially if your name is Jenny Siler and you live in Campbell County. At least that was the tale woven by attorney for hire Herb Moncier on Monday.

As he and Siler made yet another appearance in criminal court Moncier used a fair mix of drama and legalese in attempt to keep his client on the outside of the jail.

 This time Siler was in court for sentencing in her latest narcotics case. Last June Siler was arrested during a domestic disturbance with a man referred to as her boyfriend at the time. During the course of this little quarrel police officers found meth and marijuana with the two.

On the bright side during the last year, Moncier managed to get one of Siler’s drug charges dismissed. However, that still left his client on the hook for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia- charges she incurred while still under the supervision of the court.

During the hearing, prosecutors made it clear they wanted to see Siler behind bars for eight years. That was the sentence in her 2004 narcotics case when the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested Siler and her husband for multiple counts of selling narcotics. His probation was revoked leaving Lester Siler to serve the balance of his 20-year prison sentence. In the meantime Jenny Siler kept the home fires burning for nearly six years before justice came knocking on the door.

Moncier has made a name for himself throughout the state with his courtroom behavior and what some would call grandstanding. But I have to hand it to ole Herb, he took it to a new level on Monday. In fact, at one point he put himself under the proverbial bus saying he had failed Siler and that was why she was in her current legal dilemma.

Moncier again trotted out the “If she weren’t the woman who made the tape of the five deputies” defense with enough fire and brimstone to make a person think it was Sunday morning. However, that argument is just about as stale as Siler’s case.

To say that if Siler had not made the tape of her husband and those five deputies she would not have been facing prison time for her own criminal behavior defies logic.

She was married to a man who made his living selling drugs and when he couldn’t support the family after being placed on probation, she nimbly picked up that illegal torch. What did that have to do with the tape and the deputies? Nothing. But it is a strong indicator as to Jenny Siler’s desire to be a contributing member of society and her feelings towards its laws.

In the past Siler has admitted to selling drugs in lieu of looking for a job. She used every means available to her to circumvent, delay and generally thumb her nose at the judicial system. Then she sits in the courtroom, head down, wiping away her tears on cue from Moncier. I am not saying Siler wasn’t truly upset, just that her sorrow was because of the jail time she was about to receive, not for her prior bad acts.

Even as the judge passed sentence on Siler, Moncier pulled out all of the stops by again questioning his objectivity. Give him credit, Moncier was going down swinging.

But at the end of the day, Siler was still just a woman that was married to a drug dealer who later plead guilty herself to multiple counts of selling drugs then got caught with drugs in her purse. The only person who has made a big deal out of who Siler is, is Moncier.

The rest of the county has moved on in the past six years, perhaps it is time Siler and her attorneys do the same.