Time for some changes- one way or another

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By Susan Sharp

Lately, some officials in Campbell County have displayed behavior ranging from impractical to downright preposterous. Their conduct has risen to such a level that I wonder why they ran for office to begin with.

An example of the unfeasible behavior was at a recent LaFollette City Council meeting. A council member made the suggestion to have an employee, who was off work due to a medical problem, conduct an investigation into a personnel matter. Essentially, the council member wanted to have someone, too ill to work, look into a stressful, highly contested, hot button issue.

Within a week, a member of the county commission voted from the restroom. Yes, during a role call vote a commissioner cast his vote while seated somewhere other than his chair at the table.

During another commission meeting, a commissioner spoke up admonishing the rest of the board for its constant infighting. In my opinion, that scolding was long overdue and was a step in the right direction.

However, this led to him being verbally attacked by a colleague who accused him of making a campaign speech. Later in the same meeting, snide remarks were thrown around by the second commissioner like peanuts are thrown to elephants at the zoo.

Then last week, a board of education member brought his dog to a meeting, locking it in the same restroom where the commissioner had voted from. Each time the BOE member spoke the dog began barking. Think that could have been disruptive to the meeting?

Whether it is behaving in a way that makes them look like a romper room is the place they should be or blowing through the Kmart money on what amounts to pork barrel projects, these people constantly leave me shaking my head.

I am not saying that every elected official in the county is behaving this way. In fact, we do have some leaders who are honestly trying to do their jobs and make this county a better place.

But their actions are so frequently nullified by the other faction that these attempts at true community service are drowned out.

Now at this point, someone is going to point the finger at us and say, “Well you guys are the ones who put them in the paper.”

Yes we do.

But it because anytime an elected official fails to carry out the duties of the office they swore to uphold, that is news. It is also the role of the media to let the general public know what its representatives are or are not doing.

However, there is a bright side to all of this- these are problems that can be corrected.

The first option is for the people seated around the tables to make a choice to behave like mature, reasonable individuals agreeing to move forward with only the best interests of this community on their agendas.

If that doesn’t happen the next option is for the public to bring about the needed change in the polling booths.  

I implore all of you who held up your hand and pledged you would follow the law by doing what is best for the people who elected you- look at your behavior.

Ask yourselves if your actions are truly in the best interest of your constituency?

Are your actions indicative of what you would expect of someone your ballot was cast for?

Consider if you are governing in a sincere, professional, open manner.

Or are you acting in a way that reveals you only ran to bolster your own agendas and egos?