Traffic lights debated at Jacksboro board meeting

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By Natasha LaFayette



In the absence of Mayor Jack Cannon and Vice-Mayor Ray Green, the Jacksboro Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting was quick as Alderwoman June Fornster led the proceedings.

With no comments from the citizens or board members, Fornster took the opportunity to discuss a continuous issue with the streetlights.

“On the street where I live there are two lights in particular,” said Fornster. “One is next to Appalachian Highway and the light will come on for approximately 20 to 30 seconds and then it goes out and it’s totally dark in that one area.”

Fornster continued saying the second light located between the two trailer parks was the same way, staying on for 20 to 30 seconds and then out for almost a minute.

The lights being referred to are allegedly off longer than they are on, Fornster explained to the board.

“When those two lights are out both those areas are very, very dark. There is a lot of traffic in and through that street and I would like for an explanation from the electric department or I want it changed,” said Fornster.

Among the new business approved by the board was the purchase of a firearm for the police department. The board approved to purchase the firearm for approximately $500.

As the board moved on to approve resolution 306, Fornster gave a description of the resolution saying it was for the First Volunteer Bank Visa credit card.

“We have to pass a resolution ever year on it to renew it,” said Fornster.

Also brought before the board for approval was spending $300 for welding on a street department vehicle and spending $400 for a siren on a fire department vehicle.

The board also discussed sending Shayne Green to attend Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy for $120.

The board approved all the items added to the agenda.