Tragedy leads to question

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By Nancy Bright, TYPESETTER

Being the proud mother of a 7-year-old son and nearly three-year-old daughter, I thought that I had seen the last of the four hour feedings.

But this weekend I found myself being thrown back into the four hour feedings schedule. However this time the work was four times as hard. This time I have quadruplets to attend to.

Luckily my son finds the process fun so he helps out with one of the four who he named Izak the second, after himself.

By now I’m sure most who are reading this article are thinking “Wow, how can she write this article and take care of newborn babies?”

To tell the rest of the story, you need to know they are not really newborns; they are three weeks old and diapers are not required, because they live outside. They also eat their meals in about 10 minutes.

Let’s back up and I will tell you how I have found myself in this position.

Our mother cat, Momma Kitty, was attacked by a pack of dogs last week; luckily my mom who lives next door heard the commotion and got the dogs away from the cat before they could kill her. The cat appeared to have no visible signs of injury; she just appeared to be sore and continued caring for her babies.

But on Friday the chore became too much for her and we had to take over. She passed away peacefully on Saturday night, leaving my son angry and confused. My daughter is still asking for Momma Kitty.

We, as a family, are left mad because our two dogs are kept behind a chain link and are not permitted to roam; our cats stay on the family farm and the farthest I have ever seen any of them go is across the road in a field to hunt for mice.

Our cat was attacked in our side yard by dogs that we have no idea who they belonged to. Momma Kitty was going to my mother’s house to wait and eat the breakfast scraps she puts out every day for the cats on her porch, that is fenced in where dogs cannot access.

In the past few days I have wondered about the leash law in the county.

Is it being enforced?  

If not, why?

Why do we have laws if officials are not going to enforce them?

Why are some people doing their best to abide by these laws while others, who are not face no consequences?

It’s just a thought.