Trail Manor asks for help with HVAC repairs

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At the Feb. 11 meeting, the budget and finance committee passed a resolution to spend money repairing the J Sports Building. Trail Manor is the business that currently uses the J Sports Building, and this isn’t Trail Manor’s first request for the county’s help.
The Campbell County Commission granted Trail Manor a six-month reprieve from paying rent at the October 2012 meeting.
“They will end up paying it,” County Mayor William Baird said in October. “It will just be put on the end of the contract. It will extend the contract.”
At the time, Trail Manor was already receiving free rent. Trail Manor moved into the J Sport Building in November 2011, Baird said at the October 2012 meeting. The original agreement with the county commission involved a three-year lease and free rent for six months, Baird said.
Certain committee members asked questions when the resolution was discussed.
“How many months have they not been paying rent?” committee member Sue Nance asked.
About nine months, Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow said.
“It’s shameful we’re even having this discussion,” committee member Tom Hatmaker said.
The resolution was approved along with seven other resolutions.
Committee member Bob Walden made a motion to consider the first six budget amendments separately from the others. These resolutions involved the school system.
“I have looked at all of them,” Marlow said. “I think that all of them are simple realignments and changes and grant funds.”
Resolution 2-1
The Campbell County School System was told the Knox County School System would fulfill the employer role for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics mentor/coordinator, according to the resolution. Non-personnel expenditures will stay in the Campbell County School System.
The STEM program has specialized grant funding through the KARNST Coalition, said Richard Terry, from the Campbell County Finance Department, in an email. Last year, the Knox County School System was going to be the employer for a part-time mentor/coordinator and the Campbell County System was going to make non-personnel expenditures and be reimbursed, Terry said. However, this changed in September, when the grantor said the Campbell County School System would handle both expenses and be reimbursed for both, Terry said.
Now, the mentor will be an employee of the Knox County School System, but will also work with the STEM program in Campbell County, Terry said. Campbell County will pay for non-personnel expenditures and be reimbursed. Funds had to be adjusted by $7,500, according to the resolution. The county would have received $7,500 to pay the mentor/coordinator’s salary, social security and employer Medicare liability.
The committee approved the resolution, along with five others, with 12 yes votes. Committee members Charles Baird, Bobby White and Wendell Bailey were absent.
The committee also considered the last seven budget amendments together.
Resolution 2-11
Resolution 2-11 addressed a need to purchase two ambulances. Southeastern Specialty Vehicles, the low bidder, offered $168,000 on Feb. 7, according to the budget amendment.
Patient charges from the first seven months of the current fiscal year exceeded the patient charges of the first seven months of the last fiscal year, according to the budget amendment. Based off the increased patient charges, there is an estimated $145,000 in revenue for the 2012-13 fiscal year with which to pay for the ambulance, according to the budget amendment. There was also about $20,000 of fund equity from last year’s operations the budget amendment allocates to pay for the ambulance.
Resolution 2-12
A new business wants to come to Campbell County, and the Joint Economic Development Board of Campbell County, the town of Caryville and a property owner, in order to offer an incentive, want to provide $30,000 each to cover nine months of rental fees, the budget amendment said. The Caryville Jacksboro Utility Commission also wants to help provide incentives and has agreed to spend $38,000 upgrading the sewer to accommodate the company, according to the budget amendment.
“There’s the ability to attract business to Campbell County,” Marlow said. “I don’t know the name of the company.”
The committee approved the last seven resolutions, which included paying for repairing Trail Manor’s HVAC, with nine yes votes and three no votes. Committee members Beverly Hall, Hatmaker and Nance voted no. There were three absent members.
Solar Panels
The Budget and Finance Committee didn’t take action on two budget amendments that involved solar panels.
One resolution would allocate funds from a bond resolution passed in January to pay for the installation of solar panels at Jellico High School, Jellico Elementary School and Elk Valley Elementary School.
The project would cost $373,500, but the Campbell County Board of Education would assume financial responsibility for the project, Marlow said in an email.
The other resolution would allocate money from the bond resolution passed in January to pay for the installation of solar panels at five county buildings. The project would cost the county $555,500.
Commissioners could wait until Tuesday’s commission to approve the amendments, Marlow explained.