Trail of trash leads deputies to burglary suspect

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By Natasha LaFayette


What started as a report of a stolen utility trailer in Paradise Cove ended when a Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy drafted several warrants for the arrest of Jeremy Allen Strong, 36, of LaFollette.

After taking the initial report by the trailer’s owner, deputy Darrell Mongar interviewed neighbors and investigated the surrounding area, which led him to Strong.

Neighbors in the Paradise Cove area allegedly spoke to Strong as he loaded up the trailer and left the scene in March, according to Mongar.

Witnesses identified a male with a woman and children as the people who loaded up the trailer piled high with construction material trash, said Mongar.

Mongar patrolled the area and found a trail of sheetrock on Highway 16 in the Cherry Bottom area. The trail led Mongar to a house trailer with a large pile of the construction trash located outside.

“The victim saw the pile of trash and he knew it was his trash,” said Mongar.

The investigation again led Mongar to talk to the neighbors and landlord of the property, he said. And through those leads Strong’s name was allegedly discovered.

This evidence allowed Mongar to draft an arrest warrant for Strong, which led to his arrest this week.

The trailer, along with 60-foot of copper wiring taken from the mid-construction houses, was recovered in Lake City behind a local grocery store, said Mongar.

Strong was charged with theft of property $1,000 to $9,999, theft of property under $500 and burglary.

He is being held with a bond of $5,000.