Treasure simplicity; it fades away as quickly as a firefly

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By The Staff

One evening while taking my puppies outside to do their, as I, and other dog owners, only know how to call it, “evening ritual,” I noticed something I hadn’t seen in a long time: A lightning bug, a.k.a. firefly, was fluttering around the backyard. Suddenly, there was another, then another, then, before I knew it, there were five altogether.

Why did this impress me so much?

When I was a little boy, I remember running outside in the backyard with my Mason jar with several holes punched through the lid, and catching at least fifty of those wonders of the night sky. I’d put the filled jar on my nightstand and watch nature’s very own nightlight do it‘s thing.

I especially loved it when the electricity would go off in the entire neighborhood and the field would illuminate with hundreds of those wonderful creatures. They were so beautiful that I believe even the Good Lord Himself had to smile and marvel over His very own creation. We didn’t have Internet, cell phones with instant text messaging, and hand-held video games as kids do today.

Instead, we had something no amount of money could buy and electronic geniuses couldn’t copy or create. We had fireflies and a dark Tennessee sky; and that, my friends, was enough.

Though the memories are sweet themselves, they are also bittersweet.

It’s sad to see not as many fireflies as there were when I was a kid. They can decorate a backyard better than anything you can buy at any lawn and garden store. It also makes me wonder. Where are all the children enjoying what little fireflies we have left? Where are all the adults teaching children to enjoy them?

I don‘t know- perhaps simplicity is a thing of the past. Perhaps a lot of things we take for granted are. Anymore, technology seems more exhilarating than a Mason Jar full of lighted wonder, and computer games can shine brighter than any firefly.

Well, not for me, they don‘t. Yes, I own a cell phone, laptop computer and all the latest “dinky-do’s” we need to conduct business-as-usual in this day and time. However, that doesn’t change me and it shouldn’t change you, either.

In fact, why don’t we just do that?

Let’s allow simplicity to take hold of us, if just for one night. You, dear readers, will grab Mason jars and I’ll grab mine. We’ll all meet tonight under the light of a silvery moon. We’ll turn off our computers, not worry about work until tomorrow; and allow simplicity, Mason jars, and fireflies do for us what electronics, cell phones, and video games only wish they could.

Finally, when the evening’s over and we’ve caught a few, we can rest assure that we’ve lived for the day without anything being plugged into a electrical socket.