Two arrest for meth manufacture

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Had been in quarantined home

By Susan Sharp

Activity at a quarantined home on West Walden Street led police to a meth lab last Thursday.

LaFollette Police Officer Bill Owens said when he arrived at what should have been an empty home just after midnight, someone was running from the residence.

However, his escape was fleeting because Owens arrested Joshua W. Thames,27, 311 North 13th Street next door, the report said. When Thames was questioned he explained his presence at the home by saying he was helping his friend retrieve some items. Thames also said Jerry D. Reynolds, 44, 411 West Walden Street, was still inside the home, according to the LPD report.

When Owens searched the truck allegedly belonging to Reynolds he found not only items from the home but meth ingredients as well, police records said. In the floorboard of the truck was allegedly ammonia nitrate, lithium batteries, vinyl tubing and 2400 milligrams of pseudoephredrine.

Many of these items had been removed from the original packaging and had been repackaged for a meth cook, according to Owens.

After searching the truck, police moved on to look for Reynolds who was still believed to be in the house. He was eventually found hiding in the home’s crawlspace, Owens said. He refused to come out voluntarily and had to be forcefully removed, the report said.

Reynolds and Thames were decontaminated and arrested.

They were charged with initiation of the process to manufacture meth, promotion of meth manufacture, evading arrest, resisting arrest and aggravated criminal trespass.