Two months later, Love is not forgotten

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By Natasha LaFayette

By NATASHA LAFAYETTE natasha@lafollettepress.com  

When the 33-year-old blonde, blue-eyed Jayne Lynn Terry Love disappeared in May, friends and family were concerned over her behavior they described as unusual.

However, their worst fears came true when the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department released information it had identified her remains and began a death investigation in September.

Now, two months after Love was found in a remote wooded area in the mountains, the sheriff’s department says they are actively pursuing the case the family remains distressed about.

Bob Bailey, a former employer of Love, was surprised to hear of her disappearance and said it was out of character for her to disappear and not contact her family.

He was especially surprised about the disappearance because of Love’s relationship with her two daughters.

Time has passed and the initial grief has settled for the family. Love’s brother, Paul Terry, has been put in charge of handling the burial plans.

He said the autopsy was completed about two weeks ago but the body has not been released.

With the resignation of Lt. Richard Foschino from the sheriff’s department, Det. Brandon Elkins is now the lead investigator on Love’s case.

He said the department is still investigating and following leads.

“We have followed up on every lead, and some have been valuable,” said Elkins.

Elkins said many people have been interviewed and the investigation is still pending with no official statements to be made.

“Our goal is to tell the rest of Jayne’s story,” said Elkins. “We want to find out what happened to her.”

Love has not been buried yet due to financial reasons. Terry said the accounts at Harp Funeral Home and First Volunteer Bank in Jacksboro have collected money but not enough to cover the funeral expenses. Terry said he needs the support of the community to finally let his sister rest in peace.

“Jayne Love was a good friend and she didn't deserve this,” said Raymond Smithers of Michigan.

Smithers and Bailey have inquired separately about Love, speaking of their experiences with her.

They both commented Love was a kind person who they believe got involved with the wrong type of people.