Unruly customer causes Y-12 FCU to seek police protection

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The LaFollette Branch of Y-12 Federal Credit Union felt police protection was necessary after a customer allegedly became angry.
“Y-12 Federal Credit Union had some problems with a customer,” LaFollette Police Chief Jimmy Jeffries said. “They felt his actions were very threatening.”
The member of the federal credit union involved with the incident wasn’t violent, said Chris Smith, Vice President of Marketing for Y-12 Federal Credit Union.
“It’s not something uncommon to have members who are irate,” Smith said, referring to locations in all areas.
Following the incident, Y-12 Federal Credit Union officials requested police protection from the LaFollette Police Department.
“The Y-12 Credit Union paid the cost of the police protection during the times we’re there,” Jeffries said. “They actually paid an officer to be there for their safety.”
This isn’t an uncommon measure for Y-12 Federal Credit Union to take, Smith said.
“We’ll go the extra mile and plus up our security just in case,” Smith said. “It’s something we do to make sure our staff and customers are safe.”
While this is the first time Smith believes police protection has been sought for a Y-12 location in LaFollette, it has happened for locations in other communities, he said.
The protection the LPD provides the city isn’t weakened because the officer at Y-12 isn’t scheduled to be on patrol, Jeffries said.
“We don’t take an officer off the street to go to Y-12,” Jeffries said. “It would be during the off-shift for the officer. But they are in their full-capacity while they are there.”