Vote Yes on 1 this November

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To the editor:

In November, voters will decide whether or not to return our state Constitution to neutral on the matter of abortion. With our vote, we will determine whether it is the people who should decide public policy on abortion or activist state court judges who have wrongly claimed that abortion is a fundamental right within the Tennessee Constitution.

I, like others favoring common sense regulation of abortion and the protection of life, will cast a “yes” vote while those supporting Tennessee’s current abortion-on-demand policies will vote “no.” The debate is certain to be emotional and special effort will be required to separate fact from fiction.

Of particular interest may be the source of funding for each campaign. While the pro-life “yes” on one campaign enjoys support from individual donors, churches and pro-life organizations within our state, those opposing Amendment 1 are being funded by entities around the country which perform and profit from abortion. In fact, last week’s required campaign disclosure forms document that 94 percent of contributions to defeat Amendment 1 were made by Planned Parenthood abortion facilities and the ACLU.

Abortion providers in Seattle, California, Massachusetts and New York have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to influence Tennessee’s abortion policies. In contrast, only a single donor to the “Yes on 1” campaign resides outside the borders of our state. As we consider how to vote this fall, it will be helpful to know what interest groups are funding television ads and where their dollars are derived. Count me as one casting my vote for the right of Tennesseans to decide matters of life and death for ourselves: Yes on 1.

Betty Boaz

Campbell County