We are all different in the same way

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By JE Bolton

What do the following have in common? Keep in mind, they could all be happening right now as we speak.

Two middle-aged women are at a hospital. One woman is being told by her doctor that her cancer is in remission. The other woman, who’s just across the hall, is being told she has only six months to live.

Two hard-working men are coming home from work. One walks through the front door and tells his family he’s received a promotion. Another man, who lives just across the street, sits in his car with a pink slip in his hand and doesn’t want to tell his family they’ll hope things “get better.”

Two young women are in a clothing store. One woman is picking out a new dress to wear at her engagement dinner. The other woman, standing only a few feet away, receives a phone call on her cell phone that her husband has been killed in an automobile accident.

Two teenage girls are at their first day at a new school. One girl is being instantly embraced by her peers. The other teenager, a quiet girl sitting only a cafeteria table away, wishes she could be that popular and have at least one friend.

They all sound completely different, right? Not so.

Earlier that day, both women had cancer. Before a doctor gave them their results, their prognosis was exactly the same.  However, the woman that went into remission was killed in a car accident the following week.

Earlier that day, both men worked for different companies but had the same job position. However, the man with the promotion also got caught up in the Corporate American greed and was sentenced to twenty years in prison.

The evening before, both young women held the love of their lives tightly and kissed them goodnight. They were also promised “forever.” However, the young woman’s fiancé is only marrying her for her trust fund. Two months after they tie the knot, he plans to divorce her and sue her for alimony.

The school year before, both girls were in the same grade and were revered by their school all for different reasons. However, secretly, the popular girl is also Anorexic so she can keep her boyfriend, and is only told by her parents that they love her if she makes the cheerleading squad, keeps straight A’s, and has a G.P.A. that qualifies her acceptance into Harvard University.

None of us want tragedy. God knows I’ve hated things that have happened to me in my past. However, I’m glad some things happened the way they did instead of how tragedy has hit others.

Bottom line: count your blessings, folks. Sometimes, what we don’t want can be a greater blessing than what some people already have.