We must have confidence in the voters

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By Natasha Colbaugh

Tensions are high as the election nears.

In a week the county could have all new leaders or have the same ones in for another term.

As journalists, my coworkers and I have stayed far away from the campaign rumors. Without factual information we dispel the rumors as just that.

But it should be noted that we have received many phone calls, in favor and against the candidates in all races. Some of the reasons for disliking candidates are personal while some are based on business or family ties. We have heard from so many people who have expressed their feelings honestly that we have come to believe the political process is alive and well in the county.

I wish we could please everyone who called by writing down their concerns and letting the public know how they feel. However, we have chose not to be involved in such a way. We are not an outlet to support or denounce any candidates.

But the fact that so many people have called in with strong arguments for or against these candidates makes me confident that the right person will be chosen.

In order for each person to be heard they must first cast their ballots.  Like the saying goes, “You can’t complain if you don’t vote.”

I know that not everyone is going to be pleased with the outcome, because there can only be one person elected to each position. And with so many candidates, the votes are going to be divided dramatically. That means the winner may have only slightly more votes then their competitors.

For the most part the citizens appear to have done their homework and decided who they want to lead us.

But it’s the undecided voters that could carry the swing vote. Some of the major competitors in the election have a large amount of support, perhaps even enough  support among them to garner nearly the same number of votes.

So the people that decide at the last minute, those who are enamored with a sign or impressed with a person standing on the corner, could change the faces of Campbell County politics.

However, these voters must be few in number because those who call us have strong opinions. And the majority of voters in the county seem to have made up their minds.

I suppose it’s the uncertainty in any election that makes me want to tally up all the possibilities.

At the end of the day I have to have confidence in the voters, otherwise I’ll just drive myself crazy.