What a couch can do

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It was a tumultuous storm through which everyone on land and sea tried so desperately to take cover.

The wind and waves blew so violently that their tiny boat rocked back and forth uncontrollably.

Desperately, they tried to lighten the load by tossing overboard items that were no longer necessary in stormy weather.

“Hold on!” one of the passengers cried. “The wind’s about to pick up!”

They clutched their hands to the side of the boat, white knuckles gripping the watercraft in a desperate attempt to stay aboard.

The breeze took its position in the orchestration of the storm, forcing the sails to cooperate with its evil scheme and direct the boat to its liking. They gasped as the strong, clear mountain air mixed with ocean water almost took their breaths.

But they held on, determined to stay.

“We can do this!” one of the others cried. “I think I see land!”

The storm finally began to cease, leaving with it the peace and gentle lull of the water that so demanded attention just moments earlier.

The passengers and captain of the ship sighed in relief and wiped the sweat from their brows.

They survived.

I poked my head in the living room and called, “Hey guys! Lunch is ready!”

My eyes met three small children on a worn brown couch, with toy airplanes and rocketships and dolls strewn all over the floor.

The blue rug on the hardwood was bunched up like waves and the light breeze blew the curtains from the open picture windows as tiny spots of rain decorated the window sill.

“Oh dear! I had no idea the rain was coming inside! Sorry guys! Let me close the window”, I said, as I reached with both hands above their heads in an effort to batten down the hatches.

“Oh no, Mommy! Please? Just a few more minutes?”

The captain, a friendly chap with an unusual first name, grabbed my hand and pulled me aboard the ship. “All aboard!” he cried, as the others grabbed their belongings for another trip to sea.

Those peanut butter sandwiches will still be here when we dock, I tell myself.

Our adventures await.