What I learned by doing nothing

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By Jason Bolton

This past weekend, I was in really bad shape.

I threw my back out due to heavy lifting. It was one of those situations where I didn’t realized I lifted with my back until it was too late. I soon realized I had to meet my deadline for my column. To be honest, I was in so much pain that I wasn’t necessarily in the mood to write another story that would encourage readers to “keep on keeping on,” especially since I was lucky if I could even bend over to touch my shoes without feeling pain.

Still, I was desperate to turn this negative into a positive, and somehow offer a kind word or two of encouragement to you, my dear readers. While sitting in my recliner, I began reexamining things in my own life. It wasn’t like a “shoulda-woulda-coulda” type pity party. This was more of a reality check. I came up with five things.

1.  First, never put too much on your plate than you can actually eat. I did that for all the mothers out there. Also, I was just bored and it made perfect sense.

2.  There are people that may be angry with you because you don’t do everything they tell you to or they consider you an outcast, and you’re not hurting anyone or yourself. It’s not that you’re at fault. Sometimes, the world‘s full of know-it-alls. Strive to be nothing like that. Instead, be an encourager and thank goodness that we‘re all not alike.     

3.  When you travel along the road of life, there’ll be several stumbling blocks along the way that make goals appear unreachable. Just remember to climb over these hurdles and cross the finish line, claiming your victory for not giving up. Then, take all those blocks that were in your way and celebrate by building one heck of a mansion!  

4. Some people may hurt you but remember that the pain and anger just isn’t worth it. Not only because it’s the Christian or right thing to do; but because you’ll walk away with class, wake up the next morning and say, “Now, what‘s the point in ruining my life because of them?”

And finally, the fifth one-  love the unlovable, breathe life into the dying, and never waiver your self-worth for anything or anyone. Life’s too short, and the world is bigger than you and I will ever fully give it credit for. There’s too many sands on the beach to wade your feet through, too many suns to walk in, and too many spotlights that need to highlight to spectators of gloom and doom what you‘re really made of.  

I guess in some cases, a whole lot can be accomplished by doing nothing after all. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to rub my back with Icy Hot and see what next week’s story brings.

Just kidding.

Have a blessed and happy week.