White sends official grievance to mayor and council

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By Natasha LaFayette


In a official grievance dated Jan. 27, LaFollette City Recorder Linda White has outlined several issues concerning her job requirements and made several allegations toward City Administrator David Young.

White stated in her correspondence she has worked for the city for 29 years and has always tried to do what she was asked. The letter stated she was questioned on several issues at last month’s council meeting. These issues as well as other personnel issues with the city administrator were addressed in White’s grievance.

Among the concerns was a statement about cell phones. White said she has always ordered cell phones and has never had to ask permission to order a cell phone.

White then questioned if either she or Young was in charge of the front office.

At last month’s meeting Young stated it was his department but White questioned his authority asking, “Am I not to make any decisions regardless of how small they are?”

In a response to White’s grievance, Young stated he had no problem with White being in charge of the office if the council agreed on it.

“But the duties of that office must be performed regardless of who’s in charge,” said Young.

“At least on a weekly basis there is a blowout/confrontation with Mr. Young. He keeps the office staff so stressed,” writes White in her grievance. “He has created very unpleasant working conditions for everyone in the administration office.”

White addressed her letter to the mayor and council.

According to Young, the personnel handbook states all grievances must first be taken to the supervisor in an attempt to resolve them. But White took her issue directly to the council and mayor, he said.

“Mr. Young is a tyrant and is power hungry,” said White in her grievance.

In response, Young stated the complaints were grossly exaggerated and blown out of proportion.