Wilson facing multiple charges

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By Susan Sharp

A 12 count indictment was handed down last week by the grand jury on woman accused of repeatedly writing bad checks.

Sandra K. Wilson was indicted on three counts of criminal simulation, three counts of forgery, two counts of theft under $500, two counts of passing worthless check under $500, attempting to pass a worthless check over $1,000 and attempted theft over $1,000.

Among these charges is an incident where Wilson is alleged to have passed a check to the LaFollette Utility Board to pay for utility services for $500, the indictment said.  

The check was found to be fraudulent when it was discovered to actually be photocopy of a check that did not contain any bank information and was written on an account that did not exist, according to LaFollette Police records.

Wilson also stands accused of committing the same crime at area supply store. At that location, she allegedly wrote an $87 check that turned out to be photocopy of another check, court records said.

Along with these events, police have alleged Wilson tried to cash a $6,950 check at an area bank as well. Again, she attempted to pass a photocopied check.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.