Word to the wise

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By Natasha Colbaugh

It happened in less than a minute.

The LaFollette City Council meeting was called to order and the next thing you knew the LaFollette Police Chief had stepped down to a Lieutenant’s position.

Well I’m not buying it.

Lynch wanted that job.

He applied for it less than two years ago and appeared to be doing his best. So why would he step down?

Let me back up to the LaFollette Council meeting. If you didn’t know what to look for you would have missed it. That is how quick the LaFollette Council got rid of the police chief.

Lynch didn’t even look up from his seat.

I know because I was starring at him, willing him to stand up and defend himself. He sat there with a defeated look on his face, his head hanging low. Usually he sits up alert in his chair. Before the demotion it was obvious he was proud to carry the chief’s title.

That is what makes the whole debacle so frustrating. He was put in the top ranking spot above well-qualified applicants.

I am left thinking someone on the council had an ax to grind. It should be obvious who this councilman is- he made a scene in a prior council meeting about an officer who had given him a warning in court.

Not only did this councilman appear to think he was above the law, he went on to openly threaten Lynch’s job at the same meeting.

I could be giving this councilman more credit than he deserves. In meetings he is the kind of guy that takes four or five tries to really understand something.

I wonder if he had help. Could it have been the same two people who made him vice-mayor?

I question the logic of putting a person with limited education in a high-ranking position on the council.

I am starting to understand why this trio is so intimidating. If you attended the council meeting on Tuesday- you would have seen it too.

This group is not even trying to conceal the fact they have a majority and will do what they want.

As for Lynch, he had little comment after the meeting. It was sad to see a longstanding city employee obviously rejected by the very people who put him in the position. It may have been legal to demote him. But the way they did it was ethically wrong.