Yager visits Campbell County; tours museum

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By Charlotte Underwood

State Senator Ken Yager paid a visit to the Campbell County Museum on Tuesday. He said he wasnted to learn more about the history of the area he represents in the state senate.

“I’m excited that he came,” said Museum Curator Jerry Sharp. He said he feels that history is important to the county and Sharp was glad to see Yager acknowledge that with his presence.

Yager agreed about the importance of history to the community and said he felt it was key to building a better future.

“I think the history of any community is important to know because it lights the way as we go into the future,” Yager said.

“You can’t have a good foundation without knowing the history, so it is important that we build on that history,” Yager said.

“Campbell County has so much history in it, I’m happy to be able to share some of it with the Senator,” Sharp said as he showed Yager various pictures of the regions founders and other key players in Campbell County’s history.

“If people really look at history, they’ll find connections to it. We can’t separate ourselves from it, so we might as well find a connection and learn from it,” Yager said.