The yard that couldn’t get mowed

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By Susan Sharp

  On Sunday I mowed my yard.

Big deal- right?

It is for me. Let me give you a rundown of my attempts to mow this approximately half acre of land.

But first I have to take you back to my youth.

When I was around 14-years-old my Dad thought it was time I learned to drive the riding lawn mower. My sister, who is two years younger, had already been mowing for a few years. So on a hot summer afternoon Dad gave me a brief overview of the gears and such.

Convinced I had learned what I needed to know in that five-minute lesson Dad stepped back and told me to start the engine, which I did. Then I jumped a gear backing into a tree. In my panic I then shoved the mower into first gear and ran over Dad’s foot.

Now there were very few times in my life Dad lost his temper with me- this was one of them.

And I can’t say that I blame him. Not only did I dent a relatively new riding mower, take a chunk of a Magnolia tree, I ran over his foot.

Needless to say after that I was relegated to pushing a mower.

After I purchased my current home a friend gave me a riding mower. I am sure she had no idea that she had just handed me loaded gun.

So after buying a battery and getting the K-Pro 42’ inch cut, 16 horsepower, a tune up I was ready.

That was last summer. Then my family decided to take care of the yard for several reasons I won’t go into now.

But this summer I was determined to mow that yard.

Another few tweaks to the mower and I was ready. In fact my ex-husband even came to help one afternoon.

I mowed for a while then he mowed for a while.

When I got back on the old K-Pro I was feeling so confident I even pushed it into second gear.  Yes I was a real daredevil. But a few minutes into the round I smelled something burning. Determined to finish the yard I ignored the smell. Then I saw a cloud of white smoke rolling out from under the mower.

I had burnt a belt off one of the deck pulleys.

I parked the mower and considered buying a few goats.

I wish that were the end of the story.

Around two weeks after that my sister took pity on me and my yard that had turned into a hayfield. In an act of compassion she brought her riding mower to my house.

The next afternoon I started the engine and away I went- briefly.

Yes- you guessed it misfortune struck again. This time the deck pulley froze up.

By this time my carport was looking like a lawn mower graveyard.

At any rate some belts, deck pulleys and a fixed gas line- don’t ask- later I was ready. So on Sunday I mowed my yard.

In fact my oldest son even volunteered to push mow some of it.

I know my neighbors were glad to see I had cut the grass. And I’m sure they are thrilled to know that goat plan is on the backburner for now.

But there is always next week.