Local News

  • Shepherd’s Home Thrift Store to celebrate one-year anniversary

    Beginning today, the Shepherd’s Home Thrift Store will celebrate its one-year anniversary. The celebration is a three-day event, which ends Saturday.
    “We’re (going to) have snacks for everybody,” store manager Barbara Jo Sterrett said.
    There will be finger foods and beverages. The store will be decorated with balloons and signs expressing gratitude for the customers, Sterrett said.

  • Fields of Faith event to be hosted at CCHS

    Wednesday night, the second annual Fields of Faith event will be held at Campbell County High School.
    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is hosting Fields of Faith in partnership with the Campbell County Youth Leaders Alliance.
    Last year, Fields of Faith was held at the football field at Jacksboro Middle School.
    “Last year we had between 700 and 800,” said Brian Miracle, youth pastor at LaFollette United Methodist Church.

  • Advocates cry out on shelter

    Facebook groups, petitions and emails have popped up in recent weeks with strong allegations against the Adrion Baird Animal Shelter and its director, Betty Crumley. The county mayor calls the allegations “retaliatory” because citizens are made to obey the animal control laws. Some of the advocates maintain there’s a massive cover-up regarding animal control within the county.

  • Sales tax back on the ballot

    On Nov. 6, voters will decide if improving county roads is worth a sales tax increase.

    A resolution to increase the local option sales tax rate from 2.25 percent to 2.75 percent will be on the ballot again.

    The commission’s intention for the referendum is to generate more money to increase the highway department’s budget, so it can pave more roads.

    “We hear almost every month, complaints about the condition of the roads,” commissioner David Adkins said.

  • Citizen files Ouster suit

    Clarence Beck thinks Jellico Mayor Les Stiers needs to be fired.

    Beck, a Jellico resident, filed the Ouster suit in Campbell County Chancery Court last week.

    In  the suit Beck claims Stiers has repeatedly overstepped his authority as mayor. From buying property to awarding work without going through the proper channels Stiers has repeatedly subverted the town’s charter, according to Beck.

  • Festival honoring Armstrong is Saturday

    The Campbell Culture Coalition will host the sixth annual Louie Bluie Music and Arts Festival this Saturday at Cove Lake State Park.

    Festivalgoers will enjoy quality music, arts and crafts, a quilt show and an art show, festival spokesperson Lisa McCloud said.

  • Grants will provide more patrol, special DUI prosecutor

    Area law enforcement agencies are seeing an influx of funds.

    The Governor’s Highway Safety Office awarded over $200,000 in grants to Campbell County last week.

    The monies will be used to fund overtime, provide training and prosecute DUI offenders across the county.

    In the Eighth Judicial District, $153,156 has been provided for a special DUI prosecutor.

  • Couponing: Final tricks, tips and hints

    In the past three weeks, we’ve examined the ins and outs of saving money with coupons. I hope you’ve found the coupon crash course helpful and relevant. For our final week, we’ll go through my final list of tips and tricks.

    * Coupons are a great way to try out a new product at a discount price, but this is also where you can run into trouble. Don’t buy things just because you have a coupon. If you wouldn’t normally use it, don’t buy it just because you can get a good deal. That won’t save any money.

  • Jellico board names civic center, leases town garage

    The community center in Jellico has an official name after last Thursday’s meeting of the mayor and aldermen.

    “The reason I put this on the agenda is because we have the building leased for some gatherings and the people were asking what do you call it and is there a sign and so forth,” said city recorder Linda Douglas.

    Alderman Charles Vermillion motioned to name the center the Jellico Civic Center. The center is located at 690 S. Main Street in Jellico.

  • Jellico mayor announces plans to sell 70-acre plot

    Seventy acres of land behind Beech Tree Manor could soon be up for sale despite a lack of approval from the Jellico board of aldermen.

    Citing Section 4.09 of the town’s charter, Mayor Les Stiers said he has the power to sell the land without the board’s approval.

    “I’ve got to look out for the city and this council has not given or looked out to make any revenue for the city,” Stiers said.