Local News

  • Authorities looking at new drug

    There is a new drug in town. People who smoke it can experience hallucinations. It can cause increased blood pressure, cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhaging. Law enforcement describes it as highly addictive. Yet until Friday it could be purchased at a local convenience store in Jacksboro.

    Naphthoylindole is extracted from the salvia plant through chemical processes. Then it is laced with household products such as dried leaves or chopped celery stalks and sold as herbal essence or potpourri.

  • Jellico moving ahead with annexation

    Jellico’s planning commission has given planner Chad Davis the nod to craft an ordinance establishing an agricultural zone in preparation for annexation. Before becoming official, this ordinance will need approval from Jellico’s board of mayor and aldermen.

    Jellico currently doesn’t have an agricultural zone.

    There aren’t any farms within the town limits, Mayor Les Stiers said.

  • Jellico remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Jellico will remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 16 with a service at the municipal building.

    The theme for the gathering is serving the community better and promoting community service, said Doris Stiers, who helped arrange the event.

    “(Dr.) King was so instrumental in getting communities together in community service,” Stiers said.

    The Rev. Gerald Littlejohn, pastor at First Baptist Church on Baptist Street, will speak with an open discussion to follow.

  • Debt management policy passed by town of Caryville

     After adding it to the agenda Monday night, the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to approve a debt management policy.

  • Confusion about policy plagues power board

     As disagreements about agenda items and confusion over policy prolonged timely decisions, back-and-forths between board members and interjections from disgruntled citizens added to the chaos at Tuesday’s Jellico Electric and Water Baord meeting.

  • County mayor’s office shocked by factory closing

    The announcement that Jacksboro’s PACA operation would be closing effective immediately last Wednesday was a bombshell.

    While workers, some who had devoted decades of service to the factory, were still reeling from the news, County Mayor William Baird and his staff were completely in the dark.

  • PACA closes shop

    In an economy where jobs are hard to find, 90 more people will now be in the hunt after the body armor plant PACA closed.

    The company, which began in 1975, gathered its employees for a final time last Wednesday morning.

    “We didn’t think anything about it,” said Lena Testo of the meeting. Although the company had exchanged hands and employees knew changes could happen, Testo said the closure was “devastating.”

  • Vigilant residents aid in investigation

    An arrest was made in a burglary case thanks to residents who were diligent in keeping an eye out in their neighborhood.

    On Jan. 5, LaFollette Police Officer Robert Foxx was called to 407 Rose Hill Drive after receiving a complaint from a Rose Hill Drive resident that a man had walked from behind the home carrying what could possibly be stolen items.

    Officers, including Detective Lt. Monty Miller, received information that the man’s name was Mark and he was wearing a black hat, dark coat and was carrying a duffle bag.

  • Shelton arrested on drug charges

    Allegedly impaired people should not go to gas stations to play the quarters machine. That is the moral of the story for a Jacksboro man.

    LaFollette Police Officer James Farmer was called to the Shell station on Jacksboro Pike to investigate reports of an impaired person on the premises. At the station Farmer noted an unoccupied vehicle was running outside the store.

  • Search warrants net drugs and cash, investigation continues

    Local law enforcement agencies combined efforts led to a seizure of thousands in cash and prescription drugs last week.

    Agents with the Eighth Judicial Drug Task Force and detectives from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigation Division, along with the LaFollette Police Department, executed a search warrant on an apartment located at 131 Nevada Ave. on Jan. 6.