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  • Public Records July 19, 2012

     Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same or similar to other members of the community.


    Campbell County

    Property Transfers

    July 9  – July 13

    Ayers LP to Clarence C. Pierce and Debra G. Pierce, Dist. 1, $20,000.

    S and S Construction Services Inc to Kathleen A. Rogers, Dist. 1, $610,000.

    Wayne Partin to Michael W. Leach, Dist. 1, $500.

    Robert Rusty Massengill to Ronald Todd Poston and Erin Lee Poston, Dist. 3, $190,000.

  • Local songwriter forms group to provide network for singers, songwriters and musicians

     Local songwriter Gene Blair has written over 270 songs. He feels there are three elements to a song: singers, musicians and songwriters.

    “You’ve got to have these to really make a song,” Blair said.

  • Campbell County votes to join potential class action lawsuit

     The county commissioners voted to join a potential class-action lawsuit against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Heated debate sidetracks commission meeting

     Temper’s flared at Monday night’s county commission meeting. A discussion about an audit report from the 2010-11 fiscal year, began by a citizen, led to commissioners and members of the audience exchanging heated words. 

  • Stanfield clarifies funds donated to organizations

     County Commissioner Scott Stanfield was accused of using county funds to fill his swimming pool. His personal bank statements say otherwise. Stanfield financed the fill up himself, he said. 

  • Rain needed to prevent hay shortage in the fall

    The heat and dryness has been more than uncomfortable. It has been harmful to local agriculture.

    “This heat’s been devastating when you couple it with the fact that we’re not getting much rain,” said Steve Edwards, Director at the UT Extension Office, on Monday. “The heat’s probably not as big a factor as the lack of rainfall.”

    Home gardens that have been watered with a hose are in good shape, Edwards said.

  • CPD finds out who girl is

    Nearly two weeks after an unidentified woman walked into the Big Orange Bar in Caryville, police have identified her.

    The woman, who appeared disheveled and was unable to assist police in obtaining her identity, is 19-year-old Lynn Cameron of Algonquin, Ill., a suburb northwest of Chicago.

    Cameron was abandoned in Caryville just after 10 p.m. on June 28, according to the police report.

  • Hamblin seeks help from commission to lift ban




    At Monday night’s County Commission workshop, Pastor Andrew Hamblin asked the commission for help in changing a 1947 law that bans snake handling.

    Hamblin is pastor at Tabernacle Church of God, and feels the law, which makes it unlawful to display or handle a venomous snake or reptile in a way that endangers the life of a person, limits his congregation’s freedom to worship.

  • Holiday brings boat accidents

    Two boating accidents occurred on Norris Lake during the Fourth of July holiday. High temperatures have led to an increase in lake traffic, which has contributed to more accidents on Norris Lake, said Matt Cameron, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesperson.

  • Public Records July 12, 2012

     Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same or similar to other members of the community.


    Campbell County

    Property Transfers

    July 2  – July 6

    Betty S. Halcomb to Charles Christian and Rhonda Christian, Dist. 5, $45,000.

    Ayers LP to Dana J. Lowe and Janet Lowe. Dist. 1, $6,500.

    Mt Cloud Inc to Maynard Mayton and Susan Mayton, Dist. 4, $25,000.

    Carole J. Hill to Paul C. Hill and Carole J. Hill, Dist. 1.