Local News

  • Montclair partners with new company in bringing refinery to Jellico

     One year, one administration and two partner companies after Montclair signed a 90 day-contract with Jellico, the oil refinery and 50 jobs at the Taylor Machine Shop are still just on the horizon.

  • WWII veteran remembers how Pearl Harbor affected his life

     When Howard T. Gillum, Sr. was 16 years old, he attended Wynn High School. On Dec. 7, 1941, after coming home from his job delivering papers, he sat with his father listening to his favorite radio program, “Amos and Andy.” 

    The program was interrupted by what he calls the “shock of our life.”

  • CCSD makes series of drug related arrests

    Drug related arrests kept Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies busy last week.

    On Dec. 2, Deputies Ty Daugherty and Joe Marlow went to an E. Elm Street residence on a tip Jefferson Scott Hassler, 34, of 1109 S. Highway 25W was there. Hassler was wanted on an outstanding child support warrant.

  • Junior chamber aims to focus on the positive

    When a group of Campbell County High School students became weary of the negative light area teens were being portrayed in they didn’t waste time wishing thing were different.

    Instead they rose to the challenge issued by one of their teachers.

    And that challenge eventually sparked the creation of a unique organization whose goal is to accentuate the positive in Campbell County.

  • LaFollette makes quick decisions Tuesday night

     The LaFollette City Council didn’t waste any time at the meeting Tuesday night as it plowed through the agenda in less than 10 minutes.

    Four items filled the agenda, which the council had discussed in its workshop last week.

  • Grand jury returns not true bill on Finley and Henegar

    Early reports from the final 2011 session of the Campbell County Grand Jury indicate former Campbell County Sheriff's Department officers Jonathan Finley and Jason Henegar will not face charges for a Labor Day accident and the subsequent events.

    Lawyers with the Eighth Judicial District District Attorney's office presented the case this morning. Reports indicate testimony went on for three hours. It appears that officials were hoping to charge Finley with official misconduct and Henegar with a variety of traffic offenses possibly including DUI.

  • Plea Agreements for week of December 1, 2011

      The following cases were resolved in criminal court by using plea agreements:

    Christopher M Daughtery – sale counterfeit controlled substance; sale schedule II; court cost, three years supervised probation.

  • Public Records for week of December 1, 2011

      Editor’s note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


  • Weekend marks start of Christmas festivities

    Thanksgiving leftovers may still be in the fridge, but that won’t stop the Christmas festivities from getting into full swing this weekend.

    On Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. the annual Campbell County Christmas Parade will kick off the season. The line up for this year’s parade will be at LaFollette Elementary School with a parade official stationed at the front gate by 10 a.m. to assist individuals with locating their spaces.

  • Veterans sound off on need for clinic

    James Aiken served in the Army during World War II. Now 91 years old, he suffers from heart and prostate problems and has high blood pressure. James Aiken takes over 20 medications. He has a broken femur and can’t walk. His wife, Virginia Aiken, takes care of him.

    “We have to go to Knoxville or Johnson City to get anything done,” Virginia Aiken said. “It is unreal what we have to go through to get him help. To have to drive to Johnson City is something else.”