Local News

  • Board revists retiree insurance issue

    Members of the Campbell County Board of Education revisited the issue providing retiree medical insurance to classified employees.
    In December 2010 the board adopted a resolution requesting the county commission to fund the $200,000 it will cost to provide the program for non-certified school system employees. Although commissioners supported the idea of making the insurance available to retirees, the group responded to the board's resolution by deciding the school system needed to find money in its own budget to offer the insurance plan.

  • Stolen TV returned; alleged burglar charged

    Turning a quick buck resulted in an arrest for Danny Ray Adkins last week.

    The Campbell County Sheriff’s Department was called to investigate a home invasion on Springfield Drive in LaFollette on Feb. 25. When they arrived it was discovered a back door had been kicked in not only allowing access to the home but also causing around $400 worth of damage to the residence, the report said.

    Once inside officers learned that a 42” LCD television with an approximate value of $800 had been taken from the home, the report said.

  • Four children removed following discovery of meth lab

  • Public Records

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



    Campbell County Property Transfers

    Feb. 21 – Feb. 25


    Clarence Abbott and Shirley Abbott to CMH Homes Inc., Dist. 2, $14,000.

    Joseph P. Godfrey Jr. and Doris H. Godfrey to Joseph P. Godfrey Jr. Living Trust, Dist. 2, $0.

  • Williamson’s appeal dismissed

    After months of waiting for the Tennessee Court of Appeals to hand down a ruling in her case a local woman has an answer. But it is unlikely the one she was hoping for.
    In August 2010 Joann Williamson’s attorney David Pollard appeared before a panel of three justices to make his argument for having evidence gained by officers with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department during a search suppressed. As a result of what Pollard contended was an improperly executed search Williamson pled guilty to manufacturing meth as well as child abuse.

  • Funds now available to help prevent foreclosures

    Unemployment is one of the harsh realities of an economy that has been slow to rebound.  Now faced with less money and the same amount of debt many families across the state are facing the prospect of losing their homes.
    But thanks to money now available through a new federal program labeled The Hardest Hit Fund Tennessee residents may be able to escape foreclosure.

  • Duo arrested on drug charges in store parking lot

    Suspicious activity translated into a drug arrest in the parking lot of a local grocery store last week.
    On Feb. 26 LaFollette Police Officer Jason Marlow responded to a call regarding two suspicious males at Food Lion.

  • Four charged with assault

    Four on one is not a fair fight. And it can put people in jail.
    This was the result for quartet following an assault on Central Avenue.

  • Meth cuts leave police holding the bag


    As the number of meth labs continue to rise across the county, the money to clean them up is now gone.

    Local law enforcement agencies received this news last week in an email from the Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force.

    “We were really surprised,” said Campbell County Sheriff Robbie Goins of the loss of funds. Currently the CCSD is seeing three to five meth labs a week.

  • Catching the school bus proved dangerous for young girl

      “It could have been a serious tragedy,” said Brian Hatmaker, the uncle of a young girl hit by a vehicle last Thursday.

    Shortly after 7 a.m.    saw the school bus approaching and allegedly went to cross the road. By the time she saw a car approaching in the other lane, she was already hit on the left side, according to her mother Jennifer Hemmitte.