Local News

  • Thefts at impound lot prompt changes

    Thefts at the county’s impound lot have prompted changes in security.

    Aaron Evans, Campbell County Sheriff’s Department chief deputy, said on Nov. 20 Don Boshears, environmental services director, reported when he arrived at the Towe String Road convenience center around 7:30 a.m. the lock on the front gate was missing.

    After further inspection Boshears discovered the gate at the impound lot was open and the lock had also been cut, records indicate.

  • Hutson arrested on several charges

    Allegedly driving around with beer and a minor in the car proved to be costly for a Jacksboro man.

    LaFollette Police Officer Brian Tiller stopped Jerry W. Hutson, II, 28, of 431 Myers Street, Jacksboro, after he observed his vehicle weaving on Jacksboro Pike on Dec. 1.

    Tiller reported he detected the odor of alcohol coming from the car and could see two Bud Light cans in the floorboard in plain view.

  • Speedwell Academy celebrates old-fashioned Christmas

     On Dec. 17-18, Historic Speedwell Academy will open its doors to anybody interested in seeing an old fashioned Christmas.

    “We’ve been doing that for about 15 to 20 years now,” Historic Speedwell Academy hostess Lettie Russell said.

  • Couple nets list of charges

    Reports of a suspicious vehicle parked at the LaFollette Housing Authority’s Dewey Hunter Center led to a long list of charges for two people.

    On Dec. 4, LaFollette Police Sgt. Jason Marlow went to investigate reports of a white truck parked on S. 4th Street at the Dewey Hunter Center at around 7 a.m.

  • Intoxicated man allegedly found with pills at Rocky Top in Caryville

     Around 8:30 Saturday night, Caryville Police Officer Jim Wilson went to the Rocky Top Shell Station because of a complaint about a drunken man.

    When Wilson got there he found Kim Dewight Dearing, 41, 101 Georgia Street, Winchester, Ky., falling over the counter as he attempted to pay, his report said.

  • Child found wandering in town, one arrested

    A Dec. 2 incident left a man arrested and a child in protective custody.

    LaFollette Police Officer Stephen Wallen arrived at the John Brown Insurance Agency after receiving reports a young child was wandering around in the street in front of the building.

    At the scene Wallen reported finding a three to four-year-old girl, later determined to be the daughter of John and Melissa Chase.

  • Montclair partners with new company in bringing refinery to Jellico

     One year, one administration and two partner companies after Montclair signed a 90 day-contract with Jellico, the oil refinery and 50 jobs at the Taylor Machine Shop are still just on the horizon.

  • WWII veteran remembers how Pearl Harbor affected his life

     When Howard T. Gillum, Sr. was 16 years old, he attended Wynn High School. On Dec. 7, 1941, after coming home from his job delivering papers, he sat with his father listening to his favorite radio program, “Amos and Andy.” 

    The program was interrupted by what he calls the “shock of our life.”

  • CCSD makes series of drug related arrests

    Drug related arrests kept Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputies busy last week.

    On Dec. 2, Deputies Ty Daugherty and Joe Marlow went to an E. Elm Street residence on a tip Jefferson Scott Hassler, 34, of 1109 S. Highway 25W was there. Hassler was wanted on an outstanding child support warrant.

  • Junior chamber aims to focus on the positive

    When a group of Campbell County High School students became weary of the negative light area teens were being portrayed in they didn’t waste time wishing thing were different.

    Instead they rose to the challenge issued by one of their teachers.

    And that challenge eventually sparked the creation of a unique organization whose goal is to accentuate the positive in Campbell County.