Local News

  • Snow keeps crews busy throughout weekend

    While Friday’s snow caught many people off guard, county service workers were prepared.

    “We saw the snow coming we just didn’t know how much we would get,” said Dennis Potter, county road superintendent. When the snow began accumulating, Potter said crews hit the roads and started clearing them. “It was a good snow to push,” he said of the method used to clear the county’s 700 miles of road. With the use of snowplows and graders, most of Campbell County’s roads remained passable.

  • Cress given prison in battery case

    Following a brief hearing last Thursday, Jeffery Cress was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    During the morning proceedings, Cress agreed he was guilty of sexual battery and aggravated assault, both of which are felonies. However, while Cress was willing to take the deal offered by prosecutors in the case, his attorney Michael Hatmaker did not agree.

    “The plea is not my recommendation,” Hatmaker said. He went on to tell Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton that Cress could continue and accept the plea but it was “absent my recommendation.”

  • Commission makes quick work of agenda

    Commissioners showed a little Christmas spirit on Monday evening. The group proved they were ready to move into holiday mode by keeping their usual marathon style meeting under two hours.

    As the meeting got underway Commissioner Stan Marlow made an attempt to ensure that the meeting and all future meetings are completed in a reasonable time frame.

    Marlow wasted not time making a motion proposing a change to the standard order of the agenda. Prior to introducing the action Marlow provided commissioners with a written outline of the suggested changes.

  • Gregg sues; claims discrimination

    A one time city of LaFollette employee has filed suit claiming he is the victim of discrimination.

    On Monday, Gary “Wayne” Gregg filed the $500,000 lawsuit in circuit court claiming that when he attempted to return to work following his medical leave, he no longer had a job. Gregg is alleging the city discriminated against him because of his age and handicap. In the course of his employment with the city, Gregg says he has incurred injuries to his legs, back, other extremities and his hearing.

  • Police are looking for an escapee


  • Stolen vehicle leads authorities on chase


  • Stolen vehicle report leads to discovery of meth lab


  • Children benefit from Toys from Heaven

    On Saturday, Faithway Assembly of God demonstrated that it is far better to give than to receive.

    Wearing smiles larger than the ones of the children who were getting the toys, church members shared the story of Christmas, handed out candy canes and celebrated the occasion.

    It was the seventh year the church had pulled together to distribute gifts to children who otherwise would have had a leaner Christmas.

    Pastor Bob Pierce, who oversaw the event and led a condensed worship service, said it was an event that was about children.

  • Commission learns of safety issues at CCHS

    For a second month school board issues topped the agenda for the county commission’s budget and finance committee.

    On Monday, some commissioners were prepared to put the skids on the school board’s decision to take more than $250,000 from its undesignated fund balance.

  • LaFollette Officers discover large meth operation

    Officers put the skids on what is being called the largest shake and bake meth operation ever discovered in LaFollette.

    On Monday the LaFollette Police Department received information regarding a possible meth lab in progress at 328 Camp Ridge Road.  According to Lt. Jeff Allen, the area has a history of drug activity.

    As the officers went to investigate the lab, Darryl Willard Riggs, Sr., who resides at the Camp Ridge Road address, was picked up during a traffic stop on an outstanding warrant.