Local News

  • Children’s Center in the hunt for grant monies; needs votes

    The race is on and the Campbell County Children’s Center is gaining ground.  

    With its sights set on a new building that will effectively place the services offered to victims of child abuse under one roof, the county’s child advocacy center is shaking down the community, not for money but for votes.

    After three months of jumping through hoops, the center’s application for the Pepsi Refresh grant program was finally accepted.

  • CPD trains Hampton Inn staff on drug detection

    The Caryville Police Department has recently showed concern over growing drug activity in its jurisdiction.

    In an effort to combat possibly dangerous situations the CPD provided the Hampton Inn staff with drug training last week. The hotel staff is now prepared for the worst with specific training on drug detection.

    Detective Sergeant Stephanie Smith listed the warning signs of drug manufacturing and use, and a narcotics detection dog demonstrated the process of finding drugs inside a room.

  • Stanford denied new trial

    Facing 30 years for initiation of the process used to manufacture methamphetamine and drug possession Steven Q. Stanford appeared in court Monday asking for a new trial.

    Despite having his conviction and subsequent prison sentence already a done deal in the eyes of the court, he was still contending he didn’t do it.

    Stanford’s attorney, Charles Herman of the public defender’s office, told the court the evidence to hold his client to the conviction didn’t exist.

  • Caryville police locate missing infant

    After a two-day search to find a one-year-old boy, the Caryville Police Department (CPD) located the child with a relative after many false leads led them astray.

    Caryville Detective Stephanie Smith was contacted last Thursday by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS), concerning a child that was placed with his paternal grandparent.

  • Farewell to Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins

    After four years in office, Sheriff Gary W. Perkins is saying goodbye. At least for now.

    After a long campaign to continue his duties overseeing the sheriff’s office, Perkins said he is surprised by the outcome where he received 3, 046 votes.

    Coming in second with a difference of over 2,400 votes, Perkins still garnered more support than the four other candidates vying for the office.

  • There is a new sheriff in town

    In a race where Robbie Goins led from the start, being elected as the county’s next sheriff seemed to happen quickly.

    With voters able to chose between six candidates, Goins still earned over 50 percent of the vote. The other nearly 48 percent was split between the other five candidates.

    Out of 10,717 voters, Goins earned 5,452 votes.

  • Local candidates face off in House of Representatives race

    While last week’s election put an end to the campaigning for most, it only marked the beginning for two Campbell County men.

    Keith Clotfelter won the Democratic nomination for the Tennessee House of Representatives 36th District. Dennis Powers is his Republican counterpart after receiving the bulk of votes in his bid for that party’s nomination.

  • Caryville Board postpones returning hours to employees

    The discussion of employee work hours listed on the agenda of the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Monday was a highly anticipated subject, but was quickly diverted with comments from alderman Chris Stanley.

    Stanley looked back at the records from the April 12 meeting and stated concerns about the way cuts in employee work hours were done and how they would need to be restored.

  • Cougar Day wraps up, students prepared for new school year

    Cougar Day was successful, according to Campbell County High School Principal Robbie Heatherly.

    With almost 1,500 students attending CCHS this year, faculty felt it was necessary to begin the process of preparation early. Though not every student attended the Cougar Day activities, those who did will be prepared on the first day of classes beginning Aug. 11.

  • Jellico Police Department makes arrest for child abuse

    Charges of child abuse and assault on a minor have been filed against a Jellico man after officers responded to a domestic complaint last Wednesday.

    Lewis John Story, 43, of Woolridge, was arrested for allegedly striking two underage children in a Jellico residence.