Local News

  • Jail project gets green light again

    When County Mayor William Baird exercised his veto power more than a year ago hopes for the construction of a justice center complete with courtrooms and additional prisoner space seemed out of reach.  

    But after months of being off the radar Commissioner Johnny Joe Dower resurrected the discussion during February’s commission meeting.

  • How much is too much: a look into the cost of copying and producing records

    Public records are just that, public.

    But at what cost do these records come? The quest for information is a common one, whether by citizens or journalists. But information often comes at a price. In fact, information requests recently cost the Press $100. But how much is too much, and just exactly what are governing bodies and entities allowed to charge?

    While it is normal for a copy fee to be charged, some municipalities may in fact be over or even undercharging for copies and record reproduction.

  • Old plant finds new home in Haiti

    Businesses come and go.  And with economic times such as they are it seems that more are going than coming.  

    H & E Block Supply, formerly Loby Blox, was one local business that suffered the ill effects of the tanking economy.

    While the concrete block plant bustled with activity for decades providing material for what would eventually become the foundation of more than a few businesses and homes in Campbell and the surrounding counties, the nearly screeching halt of new construction in the area forced its doors to close last year.

  • Jacksboro man arrested on rape charges


  • Two arrested on theft charges


  • Community appears divided on light issues

    At the end of an emotionally charged meeting, Campbell County citizens were still in the dark regarding a traffic light on Highway 63.

  • Personnel dispute spills over at commission meeting

    A budget amendment involving legal fees was fodder for a lively discussion at Monday’s budget and finance committee meeting.

    When Richard Terry, deputy finance director, introduced the amendment that would provide $2,500 to secure representation for Jeff Marlow, finance director, in what has turned into a legal battle with Sheriff Gary Perkins a number of commissioners were left asking why.

    Perkins and Marlow went toe to toe in August 2009 over the issue of employee classification.

  • LPD sees more personnel issues

    It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the LaFollette Police Department.  

    With the arrest of one officer for falsifying time sheets with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department and another officer charged with statutory rape, personnel problems continue to abound for the LPD.

    On Tuesday, LPD Officer Justin Lowe was arrested by Clinton City Police on charges of aggravated assault.

  • CASA hosting benefit ride

    On April 10, CASA will take to the open road in hopes of generating funds for its program that serves children in the court system. No, they are not holding a roadblock.

    Instead, CASA will be joined by the Southern Cruisers, the Southern Sons, the Widow’s Sons and the Christian Motorcycle Club for a benefit ride. All money raised that day will go directly into CASA to assist its volunteers in advocating for abused children.

    “We are so grateful for the clubs stepping up and helping us this way,” said Maggie Inscho, county coordinator for CASA.

  • Office seekers continue to file petitions

    With the weeks until the election slipping away, the number of people seeking office continues to multiply.

    Incumbent county mayor William Baird now has plenty of competition for his seat. Along with county commissioner Scotty Kitts, Ronnie Murray and former sheriff Ron McClellan, another candidate has joined the race, election commission records said. Chair of the county commission and defunct LaFollette City Administrator David Young has filed his petition to run for the county’s top spot.