Local News

  • Two Campbell County residents perish in crash

    An early morning crash between a car and a train last Thursday left two Campbell County residents dead and a third with serious injuries in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Connie Hamblin, 44, of LaFollette, was driving a 1996 Toyota Camry eastbound in the 800 block on West Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. She was approaching the CSX Railroad crossing, according to a Fort Lauderdale Police incident report.

  • Traffic violation leads to drug arrest of a Lake City woman

    A traffic violation led to the drug arrest of a Lake City woman on Thursday.

    On Nov. 19, Caryville Police Officer Ben Marlow conducted a traffic stop on 1998 Ford Taurus, whose driver had allegedly violated the move over law, the Caryville Police report said. Upon stopping the vehicle, he found Jessica R. McMillan,25, of 314 Third Street, Lake City, also listed as Jessica Elliott in the police report, to be driving on a suspended license as well as in violation of the move over law, the police report said.

  • Campbell County-A look back at the beginning: Jacksboro after the turn of the century

    It was at the turn of the century that Jacksboro briefly lost its title as the county seat. With all the activity of a new city, LaFollette had grown in size and prominence. There was an effort made by Campbell Countians to designate LaFollette as the county seat and after much debate, a referendum was put forth to the people in March 1903, according to Miller McDonald’s history of Campbell County. After the votes were tallied, there were 3,000 for relocating the seat to LaFollette and under 1,200 for it to stay in Jacksboro.

  • Branam case delayed; family upset over possible plea

    On the eve of a trial where a guilty verdict could have made Dean Branam a registered sex offender, the case has been continued until January 2010.

    Earlier this year Branam was indicted on three counts of sexual battery and seven counts of assault, court records said.

    Of those charges, four of them alleged Branam used his position of authority, as a teacher, “to accomplish the sexual contact,” according to the indictment records read.

    In all, there were seven underage female victims, the indictment said.

  • Bond revoked in murder case

     Freedom was short lived for two men accused of second-degree murder. In September, Russell Pack and Phillip Pack had their bonds reduced from $100,000 to $50,000. For the brothers, who are believed to have murdered Jayne Love, this was the difference between jail and being on the outside. However, following a hearing in criminal court on Monday, the duo is headed back to jail.

  • Voting machine returns; commission still at 15

    After a nearly two year hiatus the source of numerous discussions and as many jokes returned to the commission meeting room on Monday evening.  

    While it was not used as the official means for tabulating votes the machine that went missing without a trace during former mayor Jerry Cross’ tenure made a trial run during the group’s regular monthly meeting.

    While commissioners like Whit Goins, who has been a long time proponent for reinstating the voting machine seemed pleased with its return, others were not as enthusiastic.

  • Car crash leaves Powell woman dead

    A late night car crash in Caryville left a Powell woman dead.

    Around 11:25 p.m., Courtney Ford, 21, of Powell was traveling north on Highway25W when she allegedly lost control of her vehicle for an unknown reason, according to Caryville’s Assistant Police Chief Johnny Jones.

    Witnesses saw Ford’s car strike the guardrail and flip over between the two bridges in front of Cove Lake, officials said.  The car landed on its top in the water right in front of the park, Jones said.

  • CCHS to sell Christmas flowers

    There is a classroom at Campbell County High School in which students talk about things like “water vapor loss” in front of a huge bin full of soil so dark and rich it could be a farmer’s dream.

    E.L. Reynolds’s agriculture class is in session, and his students are learning as they work.

    The class plants and harvests their crops every semester, with tomatoes and other veggies in the spring and flowers in the fall.

    Right now the class is working on growing roses for a local church, and row after row of big red Christmas flowers.

  • Abuse case ends limbo status with trial date

     A case that was derailed just as a plea was about to end, it has now been set for trial. Last month Raymond Gibbs stood before Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton ready to plead guilty to indecent exposure and sexual battery. However, Beverly Scarbourgh, the victim’s mother, was not in agreement with the proposed plea.  “The mother (of the victim) wishes to address the court,” Assistant District Attorney Scarlet Ellis said. “I don’t think its right,” Scarbourgh said of the proposed probation sentence Gibbs was about to receive.

  • Crash on Carl Stiner Highway leaves three injured

    An early morning crash left three LaFollette residents injured on Tuesday.

    The crash occurred at the intersection of Cross Valley Road and Carl Stiner Highway at around 8 a.m. when Paul Muse, 66, pulled his 1999 Dodge pickup across the highway directly into the path of a Ford Explorer, the Tennessee Highway Patrol report said.

    Alice Tinch, 38, was traveling westbound on Carl Stiner Highway, when Muse’s truck struck her vehicle, causing it to overturn, coming to rest on its side on the shoulder of the road, the THP report said.