Local News

  • Veteran’s day events planned

    Next Thursday flags will fly and guns will salute those who have devoted their lives to this country’s service. 

    And while veterans will be honored nationwide on this day, Campbell County has its own plans for recognizing the defenders of freedom.

    On Nov. 7 the Church of God Mountain Assembly will host a military service complete with presentation of colors, recognition of veterans, MIA/POW presentation and 21- gun salute.  The service is set to begin at 10:45 a.m.

  • Officials said election went well

    With over 9,000 of the county’s registered voters casting ballots on Tuesday election officials are pleased with the turn out for the mid term election.

    “We had 3,879 voters cast early ballots,” said Dean Sexton, administrator of elections.

    That translated into around 43- percent of votes being registered early. “Typically early voting sees around 55-perecnt of the voters. But in the race, the majority of people went to the polls,” she said.

  • Powers defeats Clotfelter

    With all of Union County reporting and 20 of 21 precincts reporting Dennis Powers has defeated Keith Clotfelter in the 36th District Tennessee House of Representatives race. In Campbell County Powers claimed 4,505 with Clotfelter garnering 3,582. The Union County totals reflect Clotfelter getting 1,051 and Powers 2,309.

  • LaFollette City Council results

    With all of the LaFollette votes counted Joe Bolinger and Stephanie Grimm are the newly elected council members.

    Bolinger posted 591 votes while Grimm took 759 votes. Wayne Gregg came in third with 526. Jay Huddleston received 284 with Scott Kitts rounding out the pack with 261. Total votes cast in the race was 2,421.

  • Caryville vote is in

    The people of Caryville have spoken and the majority of voters voted in favor of liquor by the drink and package store options.

    With all precincts reporting, 356 voted in favor of liquor by the drink while 269 voted no.  Similarly package stores got the nod in a 336 to 292 vote.

    In the only contested alderman race Michael Miller bested Eric Smith 272 to 203.

  • Early voting results are in

    According to election commission totals 3,879 Campbell County voters turned out for early voting in this mid-term election.

    Based on early voting totals Dennis Powers is leading Keith Clotfelter in the 36th District House of Representatives race 2,059 to 1,551.

    Voters in Caryville are split their votes nearly down the middle on the liquor referendum.  Yes votes for liquor by the drink are 159 to 129 no votes after early voting.  On the issue of package stores those in favor hold a narrow lead over the opposition with 152 voting yes to 139 no votes.

  • Early results could be delayed

    Election officials are predicting a late afternoon power outage could delay the results for early voting. 

    Lines at the polls today have been light with the LaFollette Middle School seeing less than 500 voters.

    Follow www.lafollettepress.com through the night for results.

  • Council debates new holiday

    An otherwise smooth meeting hit a few bumps when councilmen debated a request to honor Columbus Day.

    Interim City Administrator Cade Sexton said he disagreed with the city being off for another holiday.

    “The county doesn’t give Columbus Day off. It’s going to cost you some money if you do this,” said Sexton.

    Police and fire services will remain open on the holiday and would normally receive holiday pay, said Sexton.

  • Interim director to decide benefits question

    Still attempting to sort out the details of Dr. Michael Martin, former director of schools, and his right hand, Karen Bundren, board members met in special session on Tuesday evening to discuss their next move.

    Though only two items made up the evening’s agenda board attorney Dail Cantrell explained there were many things to consider when making a decision on granting retirement to the embattled former employees as well as beginning the search for Martin’s replacement.

  • Secretary of State visits Campbell County

    With visits throughout the county, Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett was given a warm welcome at the LaFollette Public Library Tuesday morning.

    In the midst of LaFollette’s woes over building a new library facility, Hargett seemed to spread hope to personnel during his visit.

    “I am a cheerleader for rural libraries,” said Hargett. “At rural libraries its not just the place to check out books anymore, its so much more.”