Local News

  • Pack bond in limbo

    On Monday the Pack brothers appeared in court to again answer questions regarding their ever changing bond situation.

    Senior Assistant District Attorney Mike Ripley announced he had amended his bond revocation motion because of problems with the supporting documents filed in the case.

    Referring to the title paperwork that had been filed as a guarantee in their case Ripley said it was “gibberish.”

  • Trial date set for Douglas and Smith

    After the pair plead not guilty to the felony charges, Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton asked the attorneys if they wanted time to discuss the case or did it need to be set for trial.

    “Set it,” Douglas’ attorney Michael Hatmaker quickly said. When a March trial date was suggested this received a veto from Hatmaker.

    “No, your honor, this will involve a lot of discovery,” he said. Senior Assistant District Attorney Mike Ripley then suggested June 16, which was met with approval.

  • Ward pleads not guilty to sex crimes

    After being released on a $25,000 bond former lawman Daniel Ward appeared in court Monday.

    Dressed in dark suit and tie, Ward plead not guilty to 16 criminal counts that included 10 counts of aggravated sexual battery of a person less than 13 years of age, two counts of attempted aggravated sexual battery of a person less than 13 years of age, two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and two counts of sexual battery. Ward is accused of sexually molesting the victim on a number of occasions between October 2003 and March 2009, court records said.

  • Budget and finance mull over costs

    Budget amendments related to the school department took center stage for a second month during Monday’s budget and finance committee meeting.

    A major overhaul of the fire alarm system at Campbell County High School continued to spark interest as Jeff Marlow, finance director, presented the resolution that would allow the school board to borrow no more an amount not to exceed $750,000 for the project.

    In December the board voted to take $250,000 from its undesignated fund balance to start work on the fire alarm.

  • Coker hide from police; gets trespassing charges

    A game of hide and seek sent Wayne Curtis Coker to jail last week.

    On Jan. 4 LaFollette Police Officer Tony Rucker responded to a disturbance call at 1308 Loop Road.  At the scene the victim advised that he had heard the dogs barking behind his apartment, and when he went to investigate Coker, 24, of 1180 Whitman Hollow Road, rushed in the residence stating he was hiding from the police.

    Coker was soon arrested and charged with aggravated criminal trespassing.  He is scheduled to appear in court next Friday.


  • Appeals court decision reverses fees for Fannon

    When the state appeals court issued an opinion this week in the Bob Fannon and city of LaFollette case from 2007 not only did Fannon come out on the short end, the justices used another case where he was party in their ruling.

    In 2007, Fannon lodged a complaint in circuit court that his fellow council members had violated the Tennessee Open Meetings Act. His accusation was that Councilmen Mike Stanfield and Hansford Hatmaker had held discussions with various city employees and enacted raises based on those talks.

    This prompted Fannon to seek judicial intervention.

  • Napier runs over stop sign; gets arrested

    Running over a stop sign proved to be a costly mistake for a LaFollette man last Monday.

    LaFollette Police Officer Justin Lowe responded to the report of a hit and run accident at South 5th and Chestnut Street. According to Lowe’s report, the caller stated that a white car had run over a stop sign and left the scene, but then returned.

  • Siler defense team moves for recusal and dismissal; both denied

    When Jenny Siler’s trial starts, she can’t say her lawyers didn’t try to get it postponed.

    Because try they did on Monday.

    Taking nearly two hours to argue a myriad of motions, Herb Moncier flanked by Kristi Anderson, attempted to not only postpone the narcotics trial but also have the charges dismissed altogether.

    However, before he made that move, Moncier wanted to know exactly what cards prosecutors were holding and how they intended to play them.

  • Wilson arrested for stealing gas

    Earning repeat business is the mark of success for most businesses.

    But Marsha L. Wilson allegedly proved to be the kind of return customer a local gas station didn’t want.

    After managing to escape arrest for several months Wilson, 44, of 602A East 8th Street,  was arrested on Jan. 10 for driving off without paying for gas at the Murphy Express gas station on seven different occasions.

  • Commission debates agenda order; hears from citizen

    Commissioners kicked off Monday’s workshop by hearing complaints from a citizen about road maintenance during last Thursday’s winter storm.

    Jerry Moat, Pinecrest Volunteer Fire Department chief, approached the body requesting that the highway department rethink its handling of treacherous road conditions often created by ice and snow.

    “The storm started at 4 p.m. and the first trucks didn’t roll out until 9 p.m.,” Moat said adding that members of the PVFD worked into the night aiding stranded travelers during the storm.