Local News

  • CCSD seizes meth labs

    In a series of arrests, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department destroyed eight meth labs in five days.

    Last Tuesday, Deputy Cody Chapman began the arrests when he went to a home on Pleasant Lane in LaFollette. He had received information that a meth lab was at the home, said CCSD Chief Deputy Jonathan Finley.

    Once at the home, Chapman’s investigation allegedly revealed an active lab under the front porch of the home, Finley said. Also allegedly found was two other labs  that had recently been used and discarded.

  • CCSD investigating shooting

    Police are investigating a late night shooting that took place last week.

    On Friday night, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the emergency room at St. Mary’s Hospital.

    It was there that Deputy Cody Chapman spoke with a 37- year old male who had been shot.

    “He had been shot once in the shoulder and once in the side,” said CCSD Chief Deputy Jonathan Finely.

  • LaFollette Public Library waits to move to bigger facility

     “When are you moving?” LaFollette Librarian Nancy Green said she is asked this question every day. People are ready for the library to move to its new location.

    “It’s going to be a while,” Green said. The new facility would probably not be ready until around the first of next year, she said.

  • Commission hears from several citizens


    Commissioners spent time hearing the concerns and proposals of a number of citizens during Monday’s workshop meeting.

    Controversy continued to swirl around Danny Sheckles, EMS director, and his department when a former employee took to the microphone to question Sheckles’ decision to terminate him from the department.

    According to Chris Demott, Sheckles terminated his employment on May 11 without providing reasons for the move.

  • Classic car show comes to Jellico

     This Saturday, First Volunteer National Bank will sponsor the 11th annual “Jellico’s Classic Car Show.” The show will be held at Veteran’s Park from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    People who want to display their classic cars can pre-register for $10 at the tourism office. Registration will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, and will cost $12.

  • Board says 'yes' to raises

    Employees of the school system's maintenance department will soon be getting a nominal pay increase thanks to the vote of board members Tuesday evening.

    Scott Hill, board member and chairman of the finance committee proposed the 50 cent an hour increase the 11 employees.

    According to Hill, the pay for classified positions within the school department is grossly out of line when compared with the same jobs in neighboring counties.

  • Jellico Electric considers the financial burden of an aging sewer

     The costs and requirements to maintain the aging equipment in Jellico’s aging water plant and sewer system were discussed at Tuesday’s Jellico Electric and Water System Board meeting.

    The plant and sewer system are around 15 years old. The equipment is beginning to require more frequent maintenance according to General Manager Mike Bethurem.

  • First Volunteer Bank in Jellico robbed

     An unidentified man robbed the Jellico branch of the First Volunteer Bank last Thursday around 10:50 a.m.

    Witnesses described the suspect as a 5’6”, stocky, white male in his twenties, an FBI press release said.

    The suspect entered the bank wearing a white t-shirt, sunglasses, khaki shorts, flip-flops and a shaggy, reddish-brown wig. He carried a cloth, turquoise diaper bag.

  • Caryville Vehicle fire reveals meth lab

     Lieutenant Stephanie Smith of the Caryville Police Department arrived at 173 Fallon Lane around 7:30 last Wednesday night in response to a vehicle fire.

    Smith met Caryville Fire Chief Eddie Hatmaker and Angel Dawn Williams at the scene, sources said. Williams told Smith the vehicle belonged to Darrin McGhee, and she was trying to buy it from him, according to police reports. When Smith called McGhee she found out he didn’t own the vehicle, and it was Williams who was allegedly trying to sell it to him.

  • Caryville to pass budget

     As July 1 approaches, the Town of Caryville must pass a budget for the next fiscal year. At Monday’s meeting, the board had a first reading of next year’s budget.

    “We’re right on track for our budget this year,” mayor Stooksbury said. “We’re not over, not under.”

    On June 28, the mayor and aldermen will meet again for a second reading and vote on the budget.