Local News

  • Jacksboro discusses revenue

    The Jacksboro Board of Mayor and Alderman made fast work of its recent meeting. The board voted on several expenditures beginning with the police department. The board approved the purchase of uniforms for seven officers at $100 per set, the purchase of a hand held radar gun at the cost of $495, as well as approved spending $350 for the purchase of a shotgun, according to city recorder Emma Caldwell.

  • Woman recaptures the last year of her father's life

    The death of a parent is always difficult, but Rebecca Loyd relived the last year of her father’s life for five years as she wrote a book about his final journey battling leukemia.

    Reverend Jimmie Ray Loyd was pastor of Pioneer Baptist Church for over 25 years. Being diagnosed with leukemia and realizing he only had a short time left in this world, he requested his daughter recapture the spiritual journey up until his death.

  • Man allegedly assaulted and robbed after motel rendezvous

    When a late night at the bar continued to a nearby motel room, a married man from Jacksboro was allegedly assaulted and robbed by his evening companion on June 21.

    The victim checked into a motel with Iris Hill Williams, 40, of Lake City, after meeting her at a local bar, according to Caryville Police Chief Johnny Jones.

  • Officers respond to disturbance at theater

    A LaFollette man took in more than a show when he was arrested last Wednesday.

    LaFollette Police Officer Tony Rucker responded to a call from the The Movies just after midnight requesting that a male be removed from the premises.

    At the scene Rucker came in contact with James C. Rider, 32, of 709 South Cumberland Avenue.

    Records indicate Rider had slurred speech and was very unsteady on his feet as he attempted to speak with Rucker.

  • City of LaFollette may have a pool in its future

    As the days of 90 degree temperatures have stretched into weeks, LaFollette residents seem to be seeking an escape anywhere they can get it.  And one of the most popular places has become the city of LaFollette’s Splash Park.

    According to Johnny Byrge, recreation director, the three-year-old park has been packed with parents and children seeking refuge from the oppressive heat.

    “This has been the biggest year for the park so far,” Byrge said of the increased attendance at the water park located behind the recreation center.

  • The city of LaFollette is staffing up, debates salary of city clerk

    The LaFollette City Council filled six vacant positions on Tuesday night. But not without some debate over administrative hires first.

    With the retirement of city recorder Lynda White, an open position in the administrative department needed to be filled. Acting city administrator Cade Sexton reviewed applications for the position and found that Joy Ellison was the most qualified.

  • Alleged burglars face multiple charges

    Two men have been arrested for thefts that occurred at the old East LaFollette School in recent months.

    Randall Wayne Monday, 31, 445 Habersham Road, Duff, and Ronnie Elvis Albertini, 30, 6772 North Highway 25 W, are now facing multiple counts of burglary, theft over $60,000 and vandalism over $60,000.

  • Woman nets possession charges at Goodwill

    Jacksboro police department responded to a call at Goodwill concerning a volunteer possibly taking narcotic in the bathroom of the facility on Sunday.

    Cleda R. McGhee, 28, of Caryville was arrested and charged with possession of scheduled II, IV,VI controlled substances and drug paraphernalia.

    McGhee was working at the store for community service ordered by the Knox County Courts, according to the arrest report.

  • Allen charged with auto burglary

    In the early hours of Monday morning LaFollette Police Officer Josh Vann responded to reports of an auto burglary and theft in progress.

    On his way to the 1308 Loop Road address Vann received information that the suspect’s vehicle was leaving the area.  Records indicate Vann was able to locate the vehicle driven by Timothy Allen, 34 of 770 Jeffers Road, Huntsville, and conducted a traffic stop.

  • Wilson involved in high speed chase

    A LaFollette man kicked off July with a ride that took him straight to jail.

    Last Thursday LaFollette Police Officer William Owens observed a car driven by Dallas Keith Wilson, 21, of 103 Claiborne Road, traveling at speeds of 60 to 70 miles per hour in a residential area, the arrest report said.