Local News

  • Area church builds ramps

    In the hallway of the LaFollette United Methodist Church, a bulletin board is covered with announcements. There are notices of meetings and mission work being done through out the world. However, in the upper right hand corner is a small thank you card with a sizeable message.

    “Without the help of four wonderful guys I would have never have had the joy of getting in our backyard,” Lynda Barnes penned on the inside of the card.

  • SmartSource coupons coming back to the paper

       Few products offer individuals the opportunity to save more than they spend. Starting July 21, the LaFollette Press will give readers this opportunity with the return of SmartSource coupons.

    Inside the The Press each week, readers will find a coupon package regularly valued at approximately $75 or more in savings through manufacturer, retail and restaurant coupons. Subscribers will usually find they can recoup the cost of a subscription in just one week of coupon savings.

  • Chopper crash kills two

    A routine training flight had a tragic end for two Tennessee Army National Guardsmen Saturday evening.

  • Board discusses gym floor repairs

    Reparations to the gym floor at Jellico High School created a complicated discussion at Tuesday’s board of education meeting.

    The group was poised to vote on accepting the bid for repairs and refinishing needed for the gym floor at JHS when board member Rector Miller suggested his colleagues move in a different direction.

     While Miller stated he didn’t have a problem with the work being done at JHS he thought since funding for the job would come from the capital projects budget other schools with similar needs should also be included.

  • Drug arrests in Caryville

     Officer Thomas Gentry and Lt. Stephanie Smith of the Caryville Police Department went to a residence in the evening on the fourth of July after learning there was alleged drug use there.

    They found Anna Berry outside the home when they arrived, and got her permission to enter the house, the report said.

  • Back to business in Caryville

     With the budget for the fiscal year in place, the Caryville Board of Mayor and Aldermen moved on to regular business Monday night.

    Mayor Robert Stooksbury commended everybody who worked on the accidents on Saturday.

    “It was a very trying day,” Stooksbury said. “

    There was an increase in expenditures because the town had to pay off what was due in June. The total bank balance is around $128,000.

  • Couple faces drug charges

     Assistant Chief J.J. Hatmaker and patrolman Jeff Ivey of the Jellico Police Department went to investigate Christina Drury and her husband, Travis Drury at the Jellico Motel last week. The couple had been staying in room 156 for several days, and hotel staff advised Hatmaker that heavy traffic had been going to and from that room, the police report said.

    Hatmaker questioned Christina Drury about the amount of visitors seen coming to the room, and got permission to search it, the report said.

  • Interstate accident has ripple affect on county roadways

    An early morning traffic accident set off a chain of other crashes that left travelers diverted multiple times on Saturday. In all the logjam lasted nearly 12 hours.

  • CCSD makes two raids in two days

    Citizens can make a difference in the war on drugs. And in Campbell County they have assisted the sheriff’s department twice in as many days.

  • State forestry officials to survey county walnut trees

    Campbell County residents may see a green truck moving slowly along the roads here in the coming weeks, occupied with people looking skyward.

    What they are looking for can’t be seen by the average person, because it is microscopic, but it could be deadly for the area’s black walnut trees.