Local News

  • ATV ride to benefit Campbell County Cancer Society

    The Royal Blue Rangers are on the move.

    And once again it’s for a good cause.

    After seeing the fruits of their labor come to fulfillment with the distribution of toys to many of Campbell County’s needy children during the Christmas season through the Toy’s for Tots initiative the group has turned their attention to another of the county’s community service organizations.

  • Three in custody after break-in

    When a LaFollette man went to check his barn he found things were different from the last time he was there.

    On Feb. 8 the man noticed that someone had taken two chainsaws, two tillers, a battery charger and some gasoline from the barn, according to Detective Brandon Elkins.

    While investigating the theft Elkins allegdly discovered Codi Ellison, Steven Richardson and Tyler Bradley had planned and carried out the burglary. The trio had driven a car to the barn loading its contents into the vehicle.

  • Trio charged with meth crimes receives probation

    What began as a significant meth bust nearly a year ago ended last week with pleas.

    Robert Evans, Amy Vincent and Christopher Powell plead guilty last week in criminal court. Following their pleas each one saw a reduction in their charges.

    Evans agreed he was guilty of possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records. This resulted in a three year supervised probation sentence along with a $400 fine. Evans was also ordered to pay $1,859 in court costs.

  • Drug arrest made after suspect attempts to flush evidence

    Going mobile took on a new meaning when two individuals were arrested on drug related charges.

  • Outstanding warrant brings meth components to light

    On Feb. 28 Deputy Dennis Chadwell of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department was called to Room 152 at Jellico Motel. The caller said they believed the individual who had rented the room had active warrants and was making meth.

    When Chadwell arrived he found the curtains of the room were closed and someone turned off the light as Chadwell approached, according to a report from the sheriff’s department.

  • Store falls victim to shoplifting

    A rash of shoplifting incidents at Wal-Mart kept Jacksboro Police officers busy recently.

    Last Thursday Officer Josh Carroll was called to the store on a report of a shoplifter.

    At the scene Carroll was informed that a store employee had attempted to stop Curtis Lee Green, of 156 Abilene Circle, Caryville, as he was leaving the store.

    Green fled on foot with Carroll in pursued him in his patrol vehicle.

    Records indicated Carroll got out of his car and engaged in a brief foot pursuit before apprehending Green.

  • Woman allegedly steals items while inquiring about a job

    Note to self...stealing while inquiring about a job will likely only lead to an interview with police.

    And so was the case of Heather R. Gross and her brush with the LaFollette Police Department on Monday.

    According to Officer Robert Higginbotham’s report, Gross, 27, of 1020 Rose Hill Drive, allegedly went into Kelly’s Corner to ask about a job.

  • Arrests made in boot store burglary

    Caryville Police were able to close the books last week on a crime that occurred on nearly two week before.

    On Feb. 12 Det. Stephanie Smith responded to a breaking and entering call at Owen Boot Store.

    An employee reported when she arrived at the store that morning she discovered the glass in the back door had been shattered. She immediately went to the business next door to phone authorities.

  • Domestic assault complaint leads to drug charges for victim

    A domestic assault led to the arrest of the defendant and the victim last week.

    When LaFollette Police Officer Tony Rucker arrived at Village Apartments last Saturday Jessica Brandenburg stated that Wayne Curtis Coker, 23, of 1180 Whitman Hollow Road, had come to the residence and accused her of infidelity. Brandenburg then reported that Coker allegedly hit her in the back of the head with an unopened beer can before striking her in the face several times with a pair of nunchucks.

  • Two of three defendants in arson scheme face the judge

    Parents teach their children how to do many things in life.

    They teach their children how to tie their shoes, cook a meal, essentially the needed skills to get by in life. However, Anna M. Phillips added something to that list. She taught her daughter to drive, not run, away after you set a fire.

    That bit of information was revealed as Phillips’, Kristy Brandenburg and Benjamin Brandenburg’s criminal cases moved through the judicial system recently.