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  • Caryville residence turned into meth house

    It was a family home where kids played, but now it sits vacant with quarantine signs posted.

    David S. McKinney was arrested from 207 Hollow Lane in August when methamphetamine components were found in an outbuilding. After his arrest, McKinney allegedly moved the operation inside. That’s when the house was quarantined, and McKinney arrested for the second time.

    Still there remained anonymous tips of suspicious activity at the Caryville residence leading Lt. Stephanie Smith to keep watch over the property.

  • Freezing weather depletes resources

    So much snow, not enough hours in the day to clear it.

    That’s what several road department directors are saying after two days of non-stop work.

    LaFollette Street Department crews started clearing roads at 5 a.m. Monday. The next day they continued their efforts touching up rough spots as the snow continued to fall.

    “By this afternoon the streets should be in good condition,” said LaFollette Street Department Director Jim Mullens on Tuesday.

  • Humane society lobbies for dangerous animal ordinance

    Members of the local Humane Society are trying to keep the county from going to the dogs. 

    With the number of animal bite cases nearing 100 in the last year Betty Crumley, animal shelter director, said Campbell County is in desperate need of dangerous animal regulations that have some teeth.

  • Martin makes court appearance; declared indigent

    It has been nearly three months since Dr. Michael Martin and Karen Bundren abruptly resigned their positions with the Campbell County Board of Education. Both had their first day in court on Monday morning.

    While Bundren, former federal programs director, waived her appearance at the arraignment allowing attorney Mike Hatmaker speak on her behalf, Martin appeared sans representation for the hearing.

  • Public Records Jan. 13 , 2011

     Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



    Campbell County Property Transfers

    Jan. 3 – Jan. 7


    Meg Co LLC to Scottie Allen Sharp and Triangle Express Lube, Dist. 1, $210,000.

    Jon Trimbach, Robert Trimbach and William G. Driver to Jeffrey S. Sizemore and Cynthia A. Sizemore, Dist. 1, $215,000.

  • Winter weather puts skids on learning

    It may be a new school year, but thanks to Old Man Winter it is shaping up to look very similar to the last.

    With only 13 snow days built into the 2010-11 school calendar Sharon Ridenour, interim director of schools, and her staff will likely be scrambling to devise a plan for making sure students receive the required number of instructional days.

    On Tuesday morning Ridenour reported county schools had already been forced to close nine days as a result of inclement weather.

  • Meth lab discovered among disposal

    A Caryville man was arrested for promotion of methamphetamine when street department workers discovered suspicious items in the trash.

    On Dec. 20, Caryville Lieutenant Stephanie Smith was contacted by the Caryville Street Department about several bottles containing a crystallized substance.

    The trash was outside a residence on East Maple Street.

  • City presses forward with plans for a new library

    Proposals for a new LaFollette Public Library have had its ups and downs. The council’s plans to construct a new library over the past few years have been recycled and reworked. Though USDA grant money was offered with steep stipulations, the council decided to press forward to renovate the recreation center with city employees executing the work.

  • Young and in love; couple to remarry after 30 years

    At 16 years old, Mitch Belew and Robin Wright were in love.

    They got married the same year as the high school prom by forging their birth certificates.

    It was a Saturday on May 27, 1978 when they changed the dates on their birth certificates. The clerk in Jellico noticed the modifications, prompting the young couple straight to Williamsburg, Ky., were they were married.

  • Public Records Jan. 6 , 2010

     Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



    Campbell County Property Transfers

    Dec. 27 – Dec. 31


    Innovative Reclamation Technologies to Timothy A. Stirling, Dist. 1, $65,000.

    LaFollette Enterprises LP to Ronald A. Williams and Connie S. Williams, Dist. 3, $25,000.