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  • New utility rate structure causes higher bills at peak times: What should customers expect and what can they do to lower their bills?

    Air conditioning makes 95-degree weather bearable. But with soaring utility bills, is it affordable?

    Electricity is a commodity, and like gasoline, it is paid for based on usage.

    Last August, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s board of directors adopted a renewed vision that relies more on nuclear power and energy efficiency and less on coal, TVA’s website said.

  • Concerns expressed over animal control

    Bobbi Miller woke up to the sound of her dogs barking around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. She found the source for their agitation on her front porch. A mangy, stray dog stood soaking wet before her. It was dragging its hind leg because its hip had been dislocated, Miller said. Miller guessed the dog had been beaten. The dog was amiable, and wanted to come inside Miller’s house, she said.

  • Pyles loses car in raid

    A young man arrested for marijuana possession has admitted his guilt.

    On Monday Adam C. Pyles plead guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to sell it and felony possession of drug paraphernalia.

    The 19 –year- old was placed on three years probation and granted judicial diversion for three years as well. He was also assessed court costs. However, along with this Pyles must forfeit a number of items seized by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department at the time of his arrest. This includes a gun, $1,750 in cash and a 1998 Ford Mustang.

  • Pack still hopes for new trial

    With his attempts to garner a new trial still proceeding Phillip Pack presented his star witness Monday.

    Shuffling up from the county jail, Richard Morrison told the court two other men had been with Jayne Love when she died on a mountain. It wasn’t Phillip Pack and Russell Pack that had been responsible for her death Morrison said from the witness stand.

  • Dynamite found in LaFollette home

    Domestic calls for police are dime a dozen. However, one that involves 600 pounds of dynamite doesn’t happen everyday.

    That was the situation police found themselves in last Thursday evening when they arrived at 445 Miller Fork Lane in LaFollette.

  • Public Records Aug. 18, 2011

     Editor’s note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


    Campbell County

    Property Transfers

      Aug 8 – Aug 12

    Loretta Lawson Day to Harrison Marlow,  Dist. 3, $100,000.

    Jackie E. West and Tammy West to Margaret Evans, Dist. 3, $4200.

    Harrison Marlow to Danny Walden and Alice Walden, Dist. 3, $10,000.

    Danny Blankenship and Melody Blankenship to Danny Muse, Dist. 3, $15,000.

  • FBI investigating dynamite at area home

    Randall Osborne of  445 Miller Forks Lane, LaFollette has been arrested and could be facing federal charges, according to CC Sheriff Robbie Goins.

    Last night the department responded to a domestic disturbance call at the home. Once Osborne was arrested his wife alerted the police to the dynamite.

    After a quick investigation the decision was made to call in the Knox County Bomb Squad, said Goins.

  • Tourism is big business for county

    Tennessee Department of Tourism Commissioner Susan Whitaker’s upcoming visit to Campbell County is a step forward in developing the tourism potential here. 

     Whitaker will be here Sept. 9, to tour the county with chamber of commerce, county, city and state officials.

     Her visit comes just weeks after the Campbell County Commission adopted rules making the county an “Adventure Tourism District,” and opening up opportunities for state assistance in marketing and tax relief for creating related businesses.

  • Stand-off ends with arrest

    A domestic situation escalated into something far more serious Tuesday afternoon.

    According to Chief Deputy Jonathan Finley, Calvin J. Geddings, 43, of 637 Luther Seiber Boulevard, Apt. 5, became involved in an argument with his girlfriend. During the course of the altercation Geddings reportedly fired a shot from a .22 caliber revolver.

    Finley stated after the gun was fired Geddings’ girlfriend fled the apartment with a four-year-old child and called authorities while in route to safety at a relative’s home.

  • Campbell County homeschoolers find support in groups






    As many students in Campbell County scramble to buy pencils and notebooks for the upcoming school year, not all are preparing to learn in a classroom setting.

    Home schooling is an option some parents choose for their children. Many home school families in Campbell County have chosen to find support in groups such as Eternal Praise in Christ, or Learning is Fun Every Day.