Local News

  • Purple boxes stump locals

    The recent appearances of purple boxes around the county are likely to have some area residents scratching their heads.

    Guesses about their purpose may range from bird feeders to some sort of new age tree decorations. But the reality is they are meant to help researchers learn more about a pest that is deadly to the ash tree population.

  • Overbay arrested after found sleeping in car

    Sleeping in the car in the road and driving off while being question by officers are just a couple mistakes that landed Daryl Overbay in jail last week.

    Just before 6 a.m. Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Chadwell responded to reports of a man being asleep behind the wheel of his truck on Stone Mill Road near the railroad tracks.

  • Grand jury hands down indictment for Chaniott

    Just two months after being removed from her post as principal of Jacksboro Elementary Sandra Chaniott can add legal woes to her seemingly growing list of problems.

    On Monday the Campbell County Grand Jury returned a sealed indictment charging Chaniott with official misconduct and theft of property under $10,000.

    The veteran principal appeared in court for arraignment and plead not guilty to the charges. She was released on $5,000 bond.

  • Pair charged with child abuse

    A knock at the door ended with two individuals being arrested last week.

    On May 18, Lt. Stephanie Smith of the Caryville Police Department received a call from two Child Protective Services worker requesting help with a call. They had received information about alleged child abuse in Caryville, according to the report.

    Smith along with Officer James Skeans of the Jacksboro Police Department met with the workers who told them allegations had been made against Michael Shoupes and Tonya Shoupes for alleged drug use in their home, the report said.

  • Marlow and Riggs arrested on meth charges

    Campbell County Sheriff’s Department personnel put the kibosh on a meth operation in Jacksboro early Sunday morning.

    Deputy Cody Chapman was dispatched to 178 Branaham Road to investigate reports of a possible meth lab at the residence.

  • Skelley arrested on multiple charges

    On May 20 while Lt. Stephanie Smith of the Caryville Police Department was on routine patrol in the Abilene Circle area, she noticed three people standing outside of a residence. When she approached them and found out that Patrick Chitwood was staying at 178 Abilene Circle, Smith knew that Chitwood had active warrants, according to the police report.

  • Creation of Major Crimes Task Force is first for county

    When outnumbered there is only one thing left to do- ban together. That is a portion of the thinking behind the creation of the Major Crimes Task Force.

    With only 11 detectives to investigate all major crimes in the county, three towns and one city, law enforcement knew something needed to change.

    “We wanted to find a way to combine all of our resources,” said Campbell County Sheriff Robbie Goins. “We can get better results (solving crimes) when all of the departments work together.”

  • Appeals court reverses Young decision

    The upper hand in a legal grudge match that has spanned more than two years has changed again.

    In March 2010 Chancellor Billy Joe White agreed that former LaFollette City Administrator David G. Young was entitled to discretionary costs stemming from the legal battle with the city that ensued following his ouster in September 2009.

    Last Friday the Tennessee Court of Appeals handed down an opinion to the contrary.

  • Starvation case gets September trial date

    Everybody agreed they needed more time to prepare for John Lowe’s murder case. It was setting the next court date that brought debate.

    Lowe, who stands accused of starving his aging uncle to death, was set for trial this month.

    However, in recent days prosecutors and Lowe’s attorney had filed motions to continue to the case.

  • Class of 2011 bids high school farewell this weekend

    This weekend the Jellico High School and Campbell County High School's Class of 2011will make the jump from high school senior to alumni.

    While closing the book on this chapter is bittersweet for parents and students alike there will be no mistaking the sense of accomplishment this group feels when Pomp and Circumstance plays, diplomas are awarded and the journey into the world of endless possibilities is at hand.

    On Friday evening Jellico High School will kick off graduation festivities at 7 p.m. at the Church of God Mountain Assembly.