Local News

  • Snow days bring changes to school schedule

    Campbell County students may have been celebrating the recent run of snow days. But the unscheduled days off have come at a price they will likely not be happy to pay.

    Thanks to snow, ice and treacherous road conditions the first week of June will see area pupils heading to the classroom rather than the swimming pool.

    In order for county schools to meet the 180 day instruction requirement set forth by the state, the school year will be forced to be extended by one week, according to Dr. Michael Martin, director of schools.

  • Commission to stay at 15; justice center debate resumes

    With the March 1 deadline looming as to how many commissioners will comprise the commission, the group took one more stab at the issue.

    Citing increased productivity and cost savings as his reasons for proposing action to reduce the number of commissioners from three to two per district at last Monday’s workshop, Commissioner Johnny Joe Dower followed through with a motion to do just that at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

  • Weather makes roads slick and cancels classes-again

    An overnight winter storm left roads slick and some homes without power once again on Monday.

    The snow continued to fall intermittently throughout the day as road workers plowed and graveled roads.

    “We’re working like beavers trying to get everybody taken care of,” said Campbell County Road Superintendent Dennis Potter.

    He said that while the road crews were graveling what they could, the primary focus was to get the roads plowed before Monday night.

  • Fire ends with severe injuries for a LaFollette man

    A morning fire at a LaFollette residence has left a man without life altering injuries.

    Just before 11 a.m. last Thursday, Darryl Kennedy said he was outside his 513 East Central Avenue home when he noticed smoke coming from the area around the roof of the home.

    “I went in a dead run,” Kennedy said, who was less than 150 feet away from the front door of the home. Aside from concern for his home, Kennedy was worried about a 60-year-old family member still inside the home.

  • Public intoxication leads to drug arrest

    Being publicly intoxicated at the Cash Express didn’t pay off for a LaFollette man.

    On Feb. 8, Jacksboro Police Detective Mike Starrett was dispatched to the Cash Express on the report of an intoxicated man, the arrest report said. After arriving, Starrett found James Kenneth Bale II, to allegedly be under the influence of an unknown drug.

  • County pays out thousands to settle two-year old law suit

    A lawsuit filed by a one time county employee has been settled ending with an award for him of over $85,000.

    In April 2008 Richard Cox, an ambulance service employee, lodged a suit against the county. In the federal court, filing Cox claimed he had been deprived of compensation during his tenure with the ambulance service.

    Cox alleged that he had worked 2,700 hours of overtime in a three-year time span and hadn’t been paid for any of it, the lawsuit said.

  • Mansour hit with malpractice suit

    A Campbell County doctor recently found himself accused of malpractice, according to a suit filed last Wednesday in circuit court.

    In the complaint filed by Susan K. Johnson, she alleges that Dr. Ellie Mansour was negligent when he failed to diagnose her condition of “severely active chronic hepatitis.”

    According to the filing, Johnson began seeing Mansour as her personal physician in 2004 and remained under his care until 2008. In October 2008 Johnson’s condition was discovered by another physician.

  • West found sleeping in car; arrested on drug charges

    A report of a suspicious vehicle led to an arrest last Friday afternoon.

    After observing a vehicle sitting at the intersection of North 12th Street and East Central Avenue for approximately half an hour, LaFollette Police Officer Dallas Frazier stopped to investigate.

    Upon approaching the car Frazier found the driver Samuel Kenton West, Jr., 38 of 125 Perry Smith Lane, Caryville, allegedly passed out inside the vehicle.

  • Wrong way driver goes to jail

    Traveling in the wrong lane landed two men in jail over the weekend.

  • Disturbance call leads to arrest

    A disturbance call and complaints from the drug hotline led to the arrest of a Jacksboro resident over the weekend.

    On Feb. 13, Jacksboro Police Officer Jeremy Goins was dispatched to 229 Water Street on the report of a disturbance, the arrest report said. After arriving, Goins spoke with the homeowner, Jamshid Wayne Nikzad, 27, of Jacksboro.