Local News

  • Storyteller creates imaginative morning at library



    Everyone loves a good story.

    But stories are more loved if the listener has an active imagination.

    This week at the LaFollette Public Library, storyteller Dianne Hackworth made the second summer reading session one to remember.

    Hackworth, with her Autoharp in tow, illustrated with her instrument, voice and body several Appalachian tales.

    She did not hold a book with pictures or read the words someone else had written, rather Hackworth told each story with vivid imagery and boisterous sounds.

  • Police respond to assault reports

    A LaFollette woman found that she could run, but not hide from the long arm of the Caryville law.

    Verlinda Savage, 37, of LaFollette, was arrested Friday on alleged domestic violence and disorderly conduct, according to a Caryville Police report.

  • Alleged copper thief sustains serious injuries



    While a man faces serious injuries, he is also looking at possible criminal charges after allegedly attempting to steal copper wiring from an electrical pole in Jellico.

    Deputy Matthew Wasson was dispatched to Highway 297 in reference to a copper theft on last Thursday. Wasson spoke with employees of Jellico Electric Department, who were informed of possible power outages on Shady Pine Lane, according to the sheriff’s department offense report.

  • Jacksboro makes plans for budget planning



    The Jacksboro Board of Mayor and Aldermen has scheduled multiple workshops and special called meetings for budget approval.

    While revenues were lower this year with the closing of Goody’s Department store, Jacksboro Mayor Jack Cannon said the board made preparations in the budget to decrease expenses.

    Tonight, starting at 5:30 p.m. the board will meet to review a proposed budget. A meeting following the workshop will be held to approve the budget in its first and second reading.

  • Owen arrested for burglary, theft



    A burglary over a month ago led to the arrest of Thomas Erick Owens, 25, Jellico, this week for theft and trespassing charges.

    Owens entered a Jellico resident’s home on April 26 and allegedly stole a Play Station II, 34 DVDs, 38 CDs, video games and one power stick deodorant, according to the police report.

    An arrest warrant was drafted for Owens after the alleged burglary took place. He was arrested on May 31, after Jellico officers observed him in the area.

  • Marijuana plants found after several calls to residence



    Deputies who resolved a domestic dispute at 290 Lyndsay Mill Circle were soon called back to the residence in search of a person but instead found a multitude of marijuana plants.

    The second call to the sheriff’s department was made because someone in the home had outstanding criminal charges, police said.

    When the issue was resolved, deputies decided to search the residence, said Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

  • Drug money seized in traffic stop



    A near collision between a sheriff’s deputy and an oncoming vehicle led to the arrest of James Everette Creech, 33, of Speedwell and the confiscation of over $1,000 in what is believed to be drug money.

    Creech was allegedly driving a small blue van on Carl Stiner Highway with his wife and child when he swerved into an oncoming lane, almost striking a county vehicle, officials said.

  • Expectations are high for this year’s Louie Bluie festival

    Louie Bluie Festival Organizers are projecting a large turnout of locals and visitors alike as the festival celebrates its third year and commemorates the life of Howard “Louie Bluie” Armstrong on Saturday.  

    A native of LaFollette, Armstrong grew up during the coal boom days, learning the musical traditions of the many ethnicities striving to carve out an existence in the east Tennessee hills.

  • Old time radio show Tennessee Jamboree reunites at Louie Bluie festival

    It’s been over 30 years since the Tennessee Jamboree was last heard across WLAF’s airways.  And while the music may have stopped, it didn’t die. The passion has lived on for many of the musicians who took part in those historic live broadcasts. This weekend they will reunite and play together once more at this year’s Louie Bluie Festival.

  • Board considers a number of policy changes

    Change proved to be a tough pill to swallow for some members of the Campbell County Board of Education.  During Tuesday’s meeting the group was charged with making a number of revisions to its policy in order to comply with the requirements of the newly adopted American Diploma Project.