Local News

  • Veterans Affairs Office ranks first in state for benefits

    Continued service to the veterans of Campbell County has recently paid off.

    Last month, the local veteran’s affairs office was ranked number one in the state for providing the most benefits per recipient.

  • Community driven women show dedication to life long work

    How many employers can say they have a staff member that has been with them 50 plus years? At least three in Campbell County can.

    China Willoughby with the Department of Children’s Services, Ruby Childress with Valley View Elementary School and Mildred Asbury with Peoples Bank of the South share over 150 years of hard work toward their chosen professions.

  • Election unseats several incumbents

    The 2010 election winners will not only be claiming offices following the results.

    Some will also be able to claim they had large margins of victory.

  • List of candidates for municipal offices continue to grow

    With one week left to qualify to run in a municipal race, petitions are being distributed to political hopefuls.

    The city of LaFollette will elect two new council members in November.

  • The results are in

    Campbell County voters have re-elected William Baird as mayor with 3,455 votes, David Young had 1,940 and Fred Cole has overtaken Ron McClellan with 1,665.

    In the Sheriff's race Robbie Goins finished with 5,452, incumbent Gary Perkins with 3,046 and Mike Starrett a distant third with 776.

    At the headquarters for Goins, a celebration with fireworks took place as the large crowd congratulated the winner for the sheriff's election. Goins was elated as he smiled ear to ear, saying the outcome, "feels good."

  • The winners are.....

    As the results were tallied for the 2010 election, most of those in the winner's position landed there with a wide margin.

    In the county mayor's race William Baird ended the night with 3,455 votes. David Young garnred 1,940, Fred Cole had 1,665, Ron McClellan recieved 1,171, Scott Kitts was in fifth place with 1,586, followed by Bob T. Andrews with 284 and Ronnie Murray roundinh out the packet with 229.

  • County voters head to polls

    Months of preparation and campaigning stumping have all led up tomorrow- election day.

    If the numbers from early voting can serve as an indicator of the public’s interest in the ballot then voter apathy appears to be down.

    When early voting closed on Saturday 5,046 people had cast their ballot, according to Dean Sexton, administrator of elections. Four years ago when the same county offices were on the ballot, 3,855 took part in early voting, Sexton said.

  • Polls are closing

     At Valley View and LaFollette Elementary voters have come and gone throughout the day, just like the rainstorms that are scattered over Campbell County. When the polls opened at 9 a.m. a line of voters quickly formed outside the door, said Valley View workers.

    At 5 p.m. LaFollette Elementary reported over 500 votes cast and Valley View had counted almost 400. Many more votes are expected as people return from work. Valley View worker Debbie Loveday estimated at least 100 more votes to come in before the polls close at 8 p.m.

  • Leaders in county commission race

    With all precincts reporting, voters in the first district have chosed N. Marie Ayers with 1,007, Steve Rutherford with 975 and David Adkins with 778.

    The second district has Beverly Hall leading with 895, Bob Walden with 718 and Bobby L. White pulls ahead with 622.

    Third district has Rusty Orick has 676, Melvin Boshears has 666 and Tom Hatmaker has 650.

    Fourth district has Johnny Bruce with 1,160, Charles Baird has 1,096 and Sue Nance with 1,058.

  • State rep race with 20 of 21 precincts

    The final votes are in and for the In the state representative Dennis Powers has a sizeable lead with 3,420 with Chad Faulkner at 2,025 votes.Votes are tallied for all the districts in Campbell County.

    In the Democratic side Keith Clotfelter has 2,212 JC White with 544 and Brian Whitson at 156.