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  • Caryville man arrested on several charges


  • Ninth Jellico Fall Festival Scheduled


  • Fire destroys Cherry Bottom home

    On Tuesday morning, members of the Smith family left home at scattered intervals as they started their days. So when news that their home was on fire reached each one separately, their first thoughts were of each other. “They thought their dad was still inside,” said Rhonda Miller of Cody and Dillon Smith when they spotted the blaze from the school bus. Miller, a neighbor of the family, said the boys had left earlier for school on the bus. As the bus drove back by the Smith’s Cherry Bottom home awhile later the boys saw the blaze.

  • Commission bumps number of seats up to 15

    The third time seemed to be the charm for two issues that have made repeat appearances on the county commission’s agenda.

    After voting last year to reduce the commission to 10 members in the 2010 election there have been two unsuccessful efforts to boost the number back to 15.

    The most recent push came last month when Commissioner Scott Kitts made a motion to that effect. But after some debate about the cost savings of the five member reduction, estimated to be in the neighborhood of $70,000 by Finance Director Jeff Marlow, Kitts withdrew his motion.

  • Time has come to 'Paint the Town'

    This Saturday, local and visiting artists will converge on Tennessee Avenue in LaFollette to participate in the Paint the Town Festival.

    The first of its kind in LaFollette, festival organizers hope the festival will be a success, turning into a repeat event.

    “This first festival will hopefully become a model for the city to build on in the years to come,” said Campbell Culture Coalition President Jo Anne Myers.

  • CCHS launching homecoming parade after 25 years

    For the last 25 years Campbell County High School has not had a homecoming parade. What was once a tradition rooted as deeply at the school as football is in Tennessee, died out in 1984. That year, the freshman class took top honors with its inaugural float in the annual parade. After that, the parade and its floats were replaced with fence displays on the football field. It was an empty substitution for many who had hailed the parade as a right of passage. However, CCHS Principal and alum Robbie Heatherly is hoping to restore the tradition beginning this year.

  • CPD disturbance call ends with trip to ER

    A domestic disturbance call led to the arrest of Crystal Michelle King, 26, of Clairfield on Sunday.

    On Sept. 20, Caryville Police Officer Ben Marlow and Jacksboro Police Officer Zachary Graves were dispatched to a home on Butter and Egg Road in Caryville.

    After arriving at the residence, officers learned that there had been no physical assault, but King had entered the home and refused to leave, according to Marlow’s report.

  • Ogg charged with sexual battery

    Mark Anthony Ogg, 40, of 136 Perkins Lane, Jacksboro, was charged with sexual battery for a crime he allegedly committed on Sept. 9.

    On that Wednesday, around 5 p.m., Ogg allegedly grabbed a female on her left breast without her permission, according to a Jacksboro Police report.

    The report also stated Ogg knew at the time that he did not have the victim’s permission to touch her, yet he did so anyway, according to Detective Mike Starrett’s.

  • Campbell County-A look back at the beginning

    By 1900, Jellico had grown to a bustling city of over 2,000. This rapid growth was mainly because Jellico had developed along the Tennessee, Kentucky state line. The town was also located in a valley with a river, making it a natural place to congregate and put to use the high quality of coal which had been found in the region. Helped by the coal and lumber companies and coupled with the fact that two railroads operated lines through the area, Jellico was truly booming.

  • Ayers arrested on meth charges

    A traffic stop led to meth manufacture charges for a Jellico man last week.

    During a traffic stop on Sept. 15 LaFollette Police Officer Josh Vann asked Bruce C. Ayers, 243 South Myrtle Avenue, Jellico, to step out of his car.  When Ayers exited the vehicle allegedly with knife in hand Vann conducted a search for his safety.

    During the pat down Vann discovered one corner cut baggie containing an off-white powdered substance and one with a brown substance, the report said.