Local News

  • Bridgework could take up to two years

    For those who have been grinding their teeth and experiencing a little bit of extra road rage because of bridge construction in front of the high school, take hope.

    Good things come to those who wait, or at a minimum new bridges do. At least that’s the news from the state department of transportation.

    “You have to go through the pain of the remodel to get the end result,” said Tennessee Department of Transportation Regional Spokesman Travis Brickey, after explaining that if the project were not a priority, the construction would not be taking place.

  • Testing shows schools have work to do

    Campbell County schools managed to dodge the bullet known as state take-over last year.

    But despite the fact all schools, with the exception of one, met or exceeded Annual Yearly Progress requirements there is still more work to be done.

    Due to the announcement of ramped up state standards celebration of the previous year’s victory has been short lived.

  • Chapman begins serving sentence after supreme court rejects request

    Having spent over a year trying to avoid her 14-year jail sentence, Lillie Chapman has now exhausted all of her judicial avenues. Last week, the Tennessee Supreme Court upheld the rulings of Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton and the state appeals court.

    In denying her application to be heard, the court effectively started the clock on Chapman’s time behind bars. She was taken into custody on Oct. 25 to begin serving her sentence, according to Campbell County jail records.

  • Potter sees probation for bulk of crimes

    Kevin Potter’s rap sheet reads like a laundry list of criminal offenses. With charges ranging from aggravated burglary to various narcotics offenses, Potter is no stranger to being arrested.

    After pleading guilty to12 criminal charges last week, he will also not be a stranger to the rules of the court.

    Following a hearing where he plead guilty to manufacturing meth, possessing the same drug with the intention to sell it, theft and aggravated burglary, Potter was placed on six years probation.

  • Alleged sex offender turns self in to authorities

    Registered sex offender Jonathan Tackett, 31, believed to be of LaFollette, turned himself in on Tuesday morning after spending a week hiding out from the police. Last week the Caryville Police Department issued a warrant for him on an aggravated sexual abuse charge. It was alleged Tackett had been physically inappropriate with a young girl.

    On Oct. 23, Tackett allegedly touched a 5-year old girl while she was visiting at a Caryville residence, according to the Caryville incident report.

  • Rhoades arrested on DUI and reckless endangerment charges

    Driving in the wrong direction led a Caryville man straight to jail on Sunday.

    On Nov. 1, Caryville Officer Ben Marlow and Jacksboro Officer Zack Graves observed a 1997 Dodge Caravan traveling westbound on Main Street from Jacksboro. The driver merged onto Veteran’s Memorial Highway without braking, driving westbound in the eastbound lanes, the arrest report said.

    Several vehicles, including two large dump trucks, had to take evasive action in order to avoid a collision with the van, according to Marlow’s report.

  • Council says no to sewer/water rate increase and city administrator

    Though a water/sewer rate increase and the hiring of a city administrator topped the agenda at Tuesday night’s LaFollette City Council Meeting, no decisions were actually made on these issues for lack of votes.

  • Employees chase alleged thief

    Employees at a local auto parts store went the extra mile, literally, to make sure an alleged thief didn’t get away.

    When Cody Evans, 32, of 904 Pleasant Ridge, allegedly attempted to make off with merchandise from Auto Zone, employees along with LaFollette Police Det. Lt. Monty Miller were able to chase him down near Mac Daddy’s Barbeque last Tuesday.

    When Officer Stephen Wallen arrived at Auto Zone it was determined that Evans had a approximately $89 in stolen items belonging to the store in his possession, Wallen’s report said.

  • Garren arrested on multiple charges

    Running a red light meant big trouble for a LaFollette man on Sunday.

    LaFollette Police Officer Odell Bailey was on patrol when he observed Scott A. Garren, 45, of 307 North 16th Street allegedly run a red light as he was traveling east on Central Avenue.

    Upon making contact with Garren, Bailey observed him to have a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, the arrest report said.  A battery of field sobriety tests was administered, which he was unable to perform to satisfaction.

  • Peoples get unwanted remodel

    Saturday afternoon a Jacksboro driver gave new meaning to drive through banking.

    On Saturday afternoon while much of the town was preparing for Halloween activities, LaFollette Police Officers were attempting to sort out an accident that ended with one car inside the newly renovated bank.

    According to the LPD accident report, David P. Spradlin, 26, of 161 East Street, Apartment 107, Jacksboro, was traveling east in the turning lane at the intersection of Jacksboro Pike and Ridenour Lane.