Local News

  • Leaders in county commission race

    With all precincts reporting, voters in the first district have chosed N. Marie Ayers with 1,007, Steve Rutherford with 975 and David Adkins with 778.

    The second district has Beverly Hall leading with 895, Bob Walden with 718 and Bobby L. White pulls ahead with 622.

    Third district has Rusty Orick has 676, Melvin Boshears has 666 and Tom Hatmaker has 650.

    Fourth district has Johnny Bruce with 1,160, Charles Baird has 1,096 and Sue Nance with 1,058.

  • State rep race with 20 of 21 precincts

    The final votes are in and for the In the state representative Dennis Powers has a sizeable lead with 3,420 with Chad Faulkner at 2,025 votes.Votes are tallied for all the districts in Campbell County.

    In the Democratic side Keith Clotfelter has 2,212 JC White with 544 and Brian Whitson at 156.


  • Bill Haslam is leading in a landslide

    The final votes are in for Campbell County and Bill Haslam is leading with 3,062 votes.  His closest opponent is Zach Wamp, who garnered 1,982 votes.  Ron Ramsey is a distant third with 642.

    Republican primary winner Bill Haslam will face democrat Mike McWherter, who ran unopposed in the democratic primary, for Tennessee Governor. 

  • School board totals are in

     In the first district  school board race Rector Miller beat out Walter Goins 1,118 to 1,086 .

    Josh Parker has taken 1,145 votes while Jo Bruce has 565 in the second district.

    Third district incumbent Faye Heatherly is trailing Scott Hill by two in a 975 to 977 vote.

    District four incumbent Eugene Lawson has 1,277 votes to Roger Owens 722.

    In the fifth district Johnny W. Creekmore has 1,458 to Chad Seibers 359 votes.

  • Tennessee tax free holiday slated for this weekend

    Campbell County families plan to take advantage of the sixth annual tax-free holiday in Tennessee.

    Making sure children are well equipped for the first day back to school is number one priority for many families, including Joye Smith from Jacksboro.

    Smith has five children, and three are school age with a list of back to school items they need. Starting on Friday, Aug. 6 and continuing through Sunday many items will be sold without state and local sales tax.

  • Transition home is changing lives

    Any of the clients at the Shepherd’s Home could be the girl next door.  

    In fact they are.  

    To be more specific, they are daughters, sisters, mothers as well as bright, articulate women.

    On the street they would present as ordinary people living ordinary lives.

    But the reality is they are not. In fact, extraordinary is a far more accurate word to describe the lives they represent.

  • Cougar Day at CCHS prepares students for upcoming school year

    A new school year in a new class means new lockers and schedules for Campbell County High School students.

    In an effort to prepare students prior to registration, CCHS will be welcoming students at Cougar Day on Thursday and Friday.

    Preparation for the students includes school pictures, class schedules, lockers and parking passes for eligible students, according to CCHS bookkeeper Faye Comer.

  • Caryville business sued for allegedly withholding pay

    Twenty-one prior employees of Baird Tree Service Company, Inc., a Caryville company, sued their employer for allegedly violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

    In response to the allegations, which laborers listed in the lawsuit, Baird Tree Service terminated all the positions that were seeking unpaid wages and liquidated damages. Though the original lawsuit is awaiting judgment in the federal courts, these employees are now seeking an injunction to return to work.

  • Byrge sues Jones

    It’s not business, it’s politics. That is what Roger Byrge is alleging in a lawsuit filed last Friday in circuit court.

    Through his attorney Steve Hurst, Byge alleges that Clifton “Tip” Jones “improperly used his authority” in his capacity as environmental services director to terminate Byrge from his employment on July 23.

    In the filing Byrge claims, Jones did not provide him with any separation papers. But on July 28 he received a letter laying out reasons for his dismissal, which he alleges Jones had never discussed with him.

  • City council confirms business from workshop

    The main item of discussion at the LaFollette City Council meeting Monday night was a salary raise for animal control officer Stan Foust.

    Foust has undertaken the responsibilities as codes enforcement officer for the last two years and recently requested additional money for the added work. The council agreed that Foust should be paid an additional $5,000 for being the codes officer and made the request official at the council meeting.