Local News

  • Young heads back to circuit court; hopes to have rights restored

    It has been over 20 years since David G. Young was convicted for attempting to possess marijuana.

    And despite his belief he had paid for those crimes, others are not seeing it that way.

  • Siler case loses steam when attorney runs out of gas

    On Tuesday, Jenny Siler didn’t get her day in court.

    Instead, she was left sitting at a table with only half of her defense team present.

    Before Siler could be arraigned on narcotics charges she incurred last month, Herb Moncier, one of her attorneys had filed a motion on her behalf. He was seeking to suppress alleged evidence found during Siler’s recent arrest along with any statements she may have made to LaFollette Police.

  • Murder and robbery suspects arrested in Jellico

    The robbery and murder of a smoke shop employee in Louisville, Ky, led Kentucky State police across the state line into Jellico this past week.

    On July 23, Jellico Police were notified by the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) of the possibility that two murder suspects could be in the area at a local apartment complex.

    JPD officers went to the location and found the vehicle the suspects were allegedly driving, according to a JPD report.

  • Meth cook sent to jail

    Wayne Allen McGinnis’ case lacked an easy answer.

    While he didn’t appear to be a hardened criminal, the laws he broke were serious ones.

    “It is a run of possibilities,” Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton said of the range of possible punishments McGinnis faced.

    Earlier this year McGinnis pled guilty to possession of a schedule II controlled substance for resale and initiation of the meth manufacturing process. These facts were disclosed at Monday’s hearing. Both crimes had occurred in less than six weeks.

  • Mother appeals to council for help

    When a woman living on the corner of Fir and Sixth Street had her child approached with the offer to buy meth as he played in the front yard, she was furious. But when she heard LaFollette City Council member Hansford Hatmaker shy away from hiring a trained K-9 police officer and his dog because of weight restriction, she was dismayed.

    K-9 Officer Darrell Mongar has a lifting restriction due to an on-the-job injury he received while employed at the sheriff’s department.

  • Jellico Community Hospital faces $2M lawsuit

    Campbell County resident Lisa Myers is suing Jellico Community Hospital and Clay County Rural Healthcare for alleged negligent acts, according to court documents.

    In mid-June, Myers went to the Jellico Community Hospital Emergency Room and was allegedly treated by Werner Grentz, M.D, who is also a defendant in the case.

  • Jellico Utilities discusses sewer project; rent issues

    At last week’s Jellico Utility meeting, board members discussed the current sewer project, which is going on in Jellico. Citizens may not have to deal with flagmen and congested roads for much longer, as the project is nearly complete.

    “We have around 90-percent of the originally planned work completed,” said Jellico Utility Manager Mike Bethurem. A Community Block Development Grant (CDBG) has funded the sewer project.

    Bethurem said he knew there had been some traffic flow problems, but said the crews had been addressing them the best they could.

  • Deputy fired; amends lawsuit

    A Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy (CCSD) recently praised for his professionalism and commitment was terminated on Friday.

    Darrell Mongar, an 11-year veteran of the CCSD, was called into Sheriff Gary Perkin’s office just before noon. Once in the office, Mongar said Perkins relieved him of his duties citing he had not been loyal as a reason for the termination.

    In April Mongar had filed a $300,000 lawsuit asking he be awarded those damages because of injuries he sustained while employed at the CCSD.

  • New shop offers scoops and soups

    Tomorrow The Ice Cream Factory: Soups, Sandwiches and More will have it’s grand opening at 11 am.

    They’ll serve everything from soft serve ice cream to seafood platters until 9 pm.

    Ice cream was the furthest thing from Tammy Milner’s, owner and formal owner of The Whistle Blower Café and Deerfield Resort Restaurant, mind when she was looking for the right building to put a small café in. But when she looked into the old Lyon’s Building she knew this was a place for ice cream as well.

  • Bullock cashes in checks for steel bars

    Most people think of cash as a material object.

    But Shonda L. Bullock, 31, of 212 North Tennessee Avenue, used the word in the action sense when she allegedly cashed four checks that didn’t belong to her.

    Avoiding four outstanding warrants for over a year, Bullock was arrested on July 15 for violation of probation in neighboring Claiborne County. Once arrested she was served with her pending LaFollette warrants dating back to 2008 and shortly after was transferred to Campbell County jail.