Local News

  • Final member of trio charged with murder sees trial start

    Taking less than two hours to seat a jury, the homicide trial of accused murderer Sammy Miracle got underway.

    Miracle is the last of three defendants to face the judicial system for his alleged part in the 2006 death of Jonathan Pierce.

    Miranda Kirby, who has been named as Miracle’s girlfriend at the time was found guilty last summer for her part in Pierce’s death. She was later sentenced to life behind bars. Travis Gaylor, her half brother, later pled guilty to his crimes and is awaiting sentencing.

  • Commission gets budget talks underway

    Having no new money to work with, commissioners breezed through its first night of budget talks last Thursday.

    After receiving a vote in the affirmative from school board members just two days earlier, Jeff Marlow, county finance director, presented the board of education for final commission approval.

    “This budget is compliant with the no growth budget of the commission. I give my strongest recommendation that you approve it,” Marlow told the group.

  • Budget and finance committee approve budget proposal

    Over the course of two meetings, members of the budget and finance committee finished discussing and approving the 2009-10-budget proposal.

    The proposal, presented by Campbell County Finance Director Jeff Marlow, is “very much a flat budget.”

    “We’ve never had a situation in my 17 or 18 cycles where there wasn’t a little bit of money in there-but that’s all gone,” Marlow said.

    The lack of available funding left commissioners little choice but to approve the bare bones budget proposal.

  • Duff man garners multiple charges

    An anonymous call led to the arrest of John Wesley Cox Jr., 41, of Duff, on July 20 for child neglect.

    Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Myers responded to the tip, which led him to the Duff residence.

    Myers knocked on the door for 10 minutes before Cox answered for him to enter, according to the sheriff’s report.

  • LUB accepts bid for construction projects; discusses water/sewer rates

    At Monday night’s LaFollette Utilities Board (LUB) meeting, members discussed bids for the line construction projects, which are taking place in Norris Point and Flat Hollow.

    The projects are large and involve not only tree trimming, but pole setting as well, which is why the utilities is contracting the work out.

    “I hate having to contract it out, but we’re in that situation,” said LUB General Manager Kenny Baird. He explained that the Norris Point project would involve setting around 100 poles, all by the end of November.

  • Councilman plans to move ahead with contract talk despite legal advice to the contrary

    Just as at last month’s workshop, LaFollette City Councilman Hansford Hatmaker was clear what he wanted on the agenda for next week’s meeting- the city administrator’s contract.

    City Attorney Reid Troutman told Hatmaker, the council had previously been advised not to proceed with any action regarding David Young’s contract because of pending litigation. Troutman said the lawsuit between Young and LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield and city recorder Linda White should be disposed of first.

  • Young heads back to circuit court; hopes to have rights restored

    It has been over 20 years since David G. Young was convicted for attempting to possess marijuana.

    And despite his belief he had paid for those crimes, others are not seeing it that way.

  • Siler case loses steam when attorney runs out of gas

    On Tuesday, Jenny Siler didn’t get her day in court.

    Instead, she was left sitting at a table with only half of her defense team present.

    Before Siler could be arraigned on narcotics charges she incurred last month, Herb Moncier, one of her attorneys had filed a motion on her behalf. He was seeking to suppress alleged evidence found during Siler’s recent arrest along with any statements she may have made to LaFollette Police.

  • Murder and robbery suspects arrested in Jellico

    The robbery and murder of a smoke shop employee in Louisville, Ky, led Kentucky State police across the state line into Jellico this past week.

    On July 23, Jellico Police were notified by the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) of the possibility that two murder suspects could be in the area at a local apartment complex.

    JPD officers went to the location and found the vehicle the suspects were allegedly driving, according to a JPD report.

  • Meth cook sent to jail

    Wayne Allen McGinnis’ case lacked an easy answer.

    While he didn’t appear to be a hardened criminal, the laws he broke were serious ones.

    “It is a run of possibilities,” Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton said of the range of possible punishments McGinnis faced.

    Earlier this year McGinnis pled guilty to possession of a schedule II controlled substance for resale and initiation of the meth manufacturing process. These facts were disclosed at Monday’s hearing. Both crimes had occurred in less than six weeks.