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  • Carringer Arrested


  • Nance to serve for 64 years for child rape

     With a convicted man still proclaiming his innocence, the district attorney asking the court to sentence him to 130 years and a statement from the child victim, the stakes were high when Joseph Nance was sentenced on Monday. In August, Nance was convicted by a jury of six counts of child rape and one count of aggravated sexual battery. The 130 years was close to the maximum sentence he could have been given. Instead, Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton told Nance he would spend the next 64 years behind bars.

  • Breaking news---Gun found at Campbell County High School

    Authorities are reporting that a gun has been found at Campbell County High School.

    Dr. Micheal Martin, director of schools, said the handgun was found this morning in an empty locker. Students were not evacuated and procedures of the safety plan were followed resulting in no injuries, he said. The student was taken into custody.

    Sheriff Gary Perkins said the incident was still under investigation and more details will be released later.

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  • Mays given probation in shooting case

     Just over a month ago, a jury said Bobby Mays was not guilty of attempted murder. It did however agree Mays had committed reckless endangerment in August 2008. That is when he shot Jody Currier in the face at the Rooster Scratch Tavern. On Monday, Mays appeared in criminal court for sentencing on his conviction. Just before noon, Assistant District Attorney General Leif Jeffers told the court that he and Mays’ attorney had reached an agreement in the case.

  • Adams and Hill charged with attempted second-degree murder

    A Maryville man and a Cumberland Gap woman were recently arrested on attempted second-degree murder charges for an incident in Caryville that occurred in late June.

    While on routine patrol Friday, Caryville Police Officer Freddy Walker passed Kevin W. Adams, 42, of 2321 Shawn Drive, Maryville.  Walker knew Adams was wanted on an outstanding warrant; he turned and conducted a traffic stop, Walker’s report said.  

  • Halloween festivities planned

    Halloween is just days away.  

    And with the certainty of increased foot traffic on city streets and county roads, area residents should plan to exercise an extra measure of caution when out and about for Saturday night’s festivities.  

    While children around the county are busy making sure their costumes are ready, local municipalities and police departments are making their own plans.

    To help ensure the safety of all the ghost and goblins the cities within the county have established hours for trick-or-treating.  

  • Arnold honored for 20 years of service

    People are always making plans.  

    But no matter how much time and energy is devoted to planning out the most minute details of life, careers and the future, hindsight seems to prove that the master plan of God often involves something much greater.

    Looking back more than 20 years Ronnie Arnold, pastor of Cedar Hill Baptist Church, is able to see with great clarity that despite his own plans God had designs on his life, and grace is the resounding theme.

  • Council agrees to revisit water/sewer rate increase

    With the recent deluge of rain it seems that water is the talk of the town.  And it will continue to be as the LaFollette Utilities Board makes another attempt to lobby the city council for approval to raise water/sewer rates.

    For months the proposed increase has made appearances on the council’s agenda.  The original proposal by the LaFollette Utility Board was for a 20-percent increase implemented in two increments. The increase would be just enough for the water/wastewater department to break even, according to LUB General Manager Kenny Baird.

  • Traffic stop yields drug arrests

    Erratic driving has landed a pair on the wrong side of the law.

    Around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning LaFollette Police Officer Robert Higgenbotham observed a car driving erratically on South Avenue.

    Through his investigation Higgenbotham discovered the driver, Jason Gross, 30, 311 Cave Springs Road, LaFollette, to be driving on a suspended license. Trouble mounted for Gross and his passenger, Sebastian Lowery, 32, 213 North 25th Street, LaFollette, when the officer found 48 syringes and three spoons with white powder residue inside the vehicle.

  • Lowe arrested on burglary and drug charges

    On Tuesday morning LaFollette Police officers received a call reporting a burglary in progress near H & E Block Supply on North Indiana Avenue.

    As Officer Odell Bailey arrived on the scene he observed a black Ford F-250 pickup fitting witness descriptions pulling away from a vehicle that had been burglarized, he said.

    Officer Josh Vann activated his blue lights while Bailey, Officers William Owens and Coty Frazier “took down the defendant in a felony traffic stop at gun point,” Lt. Jeff Allen said.