Local News

  • Prayer and dedication mark completion of Habitat house

     For the last six months volunteers have been laboring to complete the 27th Habitat for Humanity house in Campbell County. Last week the finishing touches were completed and Tina and Lonnie White signed the papers to make themselves new homeowners.

  • Operation Clean Streets puts offenders behind bars

    The energy was contagious on Tuesday morning in the conference room of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department. As officers assembled in the room for a tactical meeting there were occasional good-natured jabs, side conversations and talk about the night’s arrests.

    When Detective John Long started the briefing, the energy remained but the focus shifted. It became clear the men were there for one reason- to plan how they were going to execute a number of arrests.

  • CCSD rounding up wanted persons

    Beginning early this morning the Campbell County Sheriff's Department started rounding up people who were wanted on outstanding warrants. The CCSD had assistance from the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the U.S. Marshal's Service. The ACSD brought its "paddy wagon" in order to transport some of the arrestees back to the Anderson County Jail, according to CCSD Chief Deputy Jonathan Finley.

    By the end of the round up nine people who woke up this morning free found themselves in jail.

  • Three arrested for home invasion

    Three men were arrested this morning for home invasion that occurred just after 9:30 on Thursday night.

    The men, Mark Bull, 1685 Rocky Valley Road, New Market, James M. Breeden, 107 Chad Road, Jefferson City and Samuel L. Large, 701 Pedigo Road Knoxville are thought to be the men who broke into the Back Valley residence, according to Campbell County Chief Deputy Jonathan Finley.

  • Thomas will serve sentence in endangerment conviction

    When David Thomas took his chances with a jury earlier this year he was convicted of reckless endangerment not child abuse.

    On Monday, he was sentenced on the lesser charge. Thomas was also sentenced for multiple thefts in an unrelated case at the same time.

  • Habitat for Humanity dedicating house

    Tonight members of the Davis Chapel community will welcome some new neighbors.

    Tina and Lonnie White, along with their four children, will move into their new home at 768 Coolidge Road.

    While the move is momentous for the family, another group is also excited about it. The White home marks the 27th house Campbell County Habitat for Humanity has completed.

  • Williamson case still in court system

    A question of technicality took Joann Williamson’s case to the state appeals court. A question of technicality also got it kicked back to the Campbell County Criminal Court.

    And in the process Williamson found herself back in jail.

    After the state appeals court denied her case because it hadn’t been filed properly, the justices also set a new $6,500 bond for her. “I think that speaks for itself,” Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton said.

    Appearing in court on Monday Williamson was already in police custody.

  • Public Records

    Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


    Campbell County Property Transfers

    March 14- March 18


    Reece F. Green and Ruby Green to Bruce Koester, Dist. 3, $183,000.

    BC Arnold to Victory F. Wilson and Linda D. Wilson, Dist. 1, $15,000.

    Ralph Smith and Imogene Smith to Greg Miller, Dist. 1, $8,000.

  • County powers act stands despite opposition

    Robert Henson’s appearance before the county commission to argue the perceived evils of the hotly debated county powers act landed somewhere between an inquisition and sermon complete with amen corner.

    As Monday’s meeting kicked off with 12 citizens making a request to address the commission County Mayor William Baird asked Henson, who was first on the list, if he would agree to speak last since he had appeared before the commission on two previous occasions.

    Henson responded “No sir” as he took his place at the microphone.

  • Jones steps down as coach

     Embattled basketball coach Barry Jones has resigned his position as head of the Campbell County High School boy’s program.

    Jones announced his decision Monday night after conferring with his family.

    "My wife and I decided together it was in the best interest of our family for me

    to step down and pursue other opportunities,” said Jones.