Local News

  • Traffic stop yields drug find

    A call to be on the look out for a possible drunk driver netted LaFollette Police officers a sizable drug arrest last Friday.

    Officer Pam Jarrett received information that the male driver of a blue Toyota truck traveling on Jacksboro Pike was likely driving under the influence.

    When Jarrett located the vehicle near Hunters Branch Road she observed the driver, Scott Andrew Stapleton, 46, of 7421 Maverick Lane, Corryton, was not wearing his seat belt and was swerving from side to side in the lane, her report said.

  • Zapien arrested on DUI and weapons charges

    Efrain Zapien’s alleged driving under the influence incident could have easily cost him more than just a run in with police.

    In the early morning hours of last Wednesday LaFollette Police Officer Tony Rucker observed Zapien, 35, of 158 Baxter Lane, entering Jacksboro Pike from Towe String Road at a high rate of speed.

    As Rucker caught up to Zapien’s vehicle the LaFollette man crossed the center line, swerved back across the east bound lanes and narrowly missed a utility pole, the arrest report said.

  • Fish Bait-The Movie holds premier at Flat Hollow

    Among laughter and spine tingling chills, Fish Bait-The Movie premiered to a full house at Flat Hollow Marina on Saturday night.

    Flat Hollow Marina went all out for the horror comedy flick. Restaurant manager Lance Parker created a special menu to accompany the movie with items such as chum sandwiches, road kill and brain bites. There was plenty of seating for the packed house and even popcorn for the moviegoers. As marina owner Gary Farwick reminded the crowd, “For tonight, this ceases to be restaurant and is now a theater, so keep it quiet.”

  • Historical tour of Douglas Cemetery planned for tonight

    The Campbell County Historical Society invites the public for an evening of history and stories amongst the graves of Douglas Cemetery tonight at 5:30.

    Local historians Joe Stephens and Bill Claiborne will be on site discussing the cemetery, those buried there and their significance to the area.

    “We’re going to try to open up a window in time in the early years of LaFollette,” Stephens said.

  • A Haunting in the East Tennessee Hollows

    Cold wind rattles the colorful fall leaves as mist drifts into the hollows like the smoke that it is akin to here in these East Tennessee hills. It blankets the fields that have already been burned gold by the sun and made brittle by the year’s first frost. Harvest time is over and corn shocks and carved pumpkins placed in yards mean one thing; it is almost Halloween. It is the time here in East Tennessee when the ghosts roam and the haunted hollows beckon; the witching hour is near.

  • Coopers set for trial in theft case

    After months of being shuffled around the docket, the trio accused of pilfering thousands of dollars from an elderly man they befriended has a trial date. Greta Cooper, Bonnie Cooper and Tamara Harness are set to face a jury on Feb. 24, 2010. This move came on Monday when the case was called for a status check during criminal court.

  • Plea in sexual battery case hits obstacle

     In most cases by the time a plea agreement gets before a judge, the problems have been worked out. However, that was not the case for Raymond Gibbs on Monday. Agreeing he would plead guilty to indecent exposure and sexual battery, Gibbs stood before Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton. But, before the judge could sign off on what prosecutors and Gibbs’ attorney had agreed to, Assistant District Attorney General Scarlet Ellis interjected. “The mother (of the victim) wishes to address the court,” Ellis said.

  • Judge denies suppression motion; sets bail for Siler

     Regardless of whom the drugs allegedly found in Jenny Siler’s purse belonged to when she was arrested in June, it is evidence in the case now. In August, Siler’s attorney Herb Moncier had argued the drugs were the fruit of an illegal search. He said that his client had not given consent for LaFollette Police to search her handbag after she and her boyfriend, Jamie Jones, fought that night. During that hearing, Jones recanted his admission that the meth found in the floorboard of his vehicle and marijuana in her purse belonged to Siler.

  • Supreme court rejects Bartley’s bid to be heard

    After years of court battles, Kenneth S. Bartley may have just come to the end of his legal road.

    On Monday, the Tennessee Supreme Court rejected Bartley’s application to have his case heard by it.

  • Beauty and the Beast- Three women and how they beat Breast Cancer

    When thinking of survival, reality TV shows and sandy beaches often come to mind.

    But what about the everyday survivors? The ones who never stand in the spotlight, yet their stories far outshine anything cooked up by Hollywood.

    What about the people who are our friends, neighbors and family members?

    And what about the hundreds of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year?

    In February 2007, Shawna Hunley was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said the first thing she thought was that death was imminent.