Local News

  • Bartley wants to head to the high court

    Kenneth S. Bartley is hoping the third time is the charm.

    With his request for a new trial being denied twice, Bartley is now trying to take his case before the state supreme court.

    Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who was appointed to hear the case in Campbell County, denied the youth’s request for a new trial in 2007.

    Earlier this year the state court of criminal appeals upheld that ruling.

  • Jellico bank robbed; alleged thief in custody

    A fake gun got a Williamsburg man some real money on Tuesday, when he robbed the First Volunteer Bank of Jellico.

     It appeared to be a normal Tuesday evening, but upon closer inspection, all was not well in the small mountain town.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation  (FBI) agents milling around town hall attested to that.  

  • Commission warned- budget will be tight

    While the 2008-09 budget cycle is over, the county’s 2009-10 budget has yet to be determined.

    With no budget amendments to vote on Jeff Marlow, finance director, left commissioners with plenty to consider during Monday’s budget and finance committee meeting.

    For months Marlow has warned the commission that the upcoming fiscal year will be a lean one.  

  • Camp sparks creavity

    “My job is to make you happy” said Darla Baird, administrative assistant for the UT extension in Campbell County as she opened the two-day 4-H camp.

    Baird and volunteers achieved this by keeping the kids at 4-H camp busy as little bees.

  • Trio arrested on 74 count theft indictment

    Three women have been arrested on a combined 74 counts following the grand jury returning a sealed indictment.

    LaFollette Police initially arrested Bonnie Cooper at her home on a sealed indictment last week. When Greta Cooper came to the jail, to post bond for Bonnie Cooper, her mother, she was arrested.

    Tamara Harness, who rounds out the trio, was also arrested at her home. The group was taken into custody on multiple counts of theft and forgery, according to court records.

  • Canine competes; walks away a winner

    Summer vacation can be spent in a variety of different ways. Some people opt for a beachside resort while others have the increasingly popular staycation.

    However, Darrell Mongar didn’t do either of those.

    Instead, Mongar, a sheriff’s deputy, and his former partner, Rooke, took part in the United States Police Canine Association (U.S.P.C.A.), Region Eight competition in Loudon.

    After competing in a myriad of events Mongar and his Dutch Shepard dog took 10th overall in the competition.

  • Shoplifting calls led to drug arrests in Jacksboro

    Shoplifting reports led to two separate drug arrests in Jacksboro this past week.

    On July 9, around 7:20 p.m., Jacksboro Police Officer Josh Carroll was dispatched to Wal-Mart on the report an individual was concealing merchandise and allegedly had a handgun tucked in the waistband of his jeans, according to the Jacksboro Police report.

  • Yager visits Campbell County; tours museum

    State Senator Ken Yager paid a visit to the Campbell County Museum on Tuesday. He said he wasnted to learn more about the history of the area he represents in the state senate.

    “I’m excited that he came,” said Museum Curator Jerry Sharp. He said he feels that history is important to the county and Sharp was glad to see Yager acknowledge that with his presence.

    Yager agreed about the importance of history to the community and said he felt it was key to building a better future.

  • Pastor completes bike trip across the state

    He began the journey last September, embarking from the North Carolina border in the drizzling rain. He has ridden in snow, sleet, rain and the hot summer sun. Now, nearly a year later, local Pastor Bill Horner has finally completed his ride across Tennessee.

    “This endeavor is my hurdle over the midlife crisis, an attempt to ward off old age for at least a couple more months,” said Horner, at the beginning of his journey.